Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tubins for Work

9:00 pin on Cardigan and cut out

 Front of Cardigan

Back on Fold and Sleeves as fit

All pieces cut out with as few pins as possible

Little nicks where there are dots so no marking or slowing down needed

Nicks on 3 dots on sleeves and 1 dot on back and 1 dot on front

Ready to sew as fast as possible!

To be at work at 12:00 Noon with jacket on

10:00 drink 2 cups of coffee

10:15 sew cardigan


Makin' the Free Flowing Cardigan to go with this

These are the pants... with the legs like tubes to look like tailored pants.

Shortened Cardigan from this -- fast enough to cut and sew in 2 hours

Have flowered earrings to match the top...


Will cover bangles to match the jacket

Ripped 1 1/2 inch strip from bottom of chiffon, wrapped bangle and gorilla glued end and used pin to hold..

 Maybe a necklace of black or blue green... maybe none...

Next blog we will make a covered bead necklace to match outfit


After a Day at Work & Thrown on a Chair

Silk Scarf - Silk Shirt Stretch Tubins and a Crepe Jacket

The colors worked-(I think)

Earrings of Silk from Shirt and matching bangle to jacket

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