Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jungle Bag In Use

Remember the old post bag in January where I was making a Jungle Bag.  Yes, I look at the fabric too much when these things pop into my head.

Here is one of the things I made in use..Ha Ha... When the baby came I had no idea if I would ever see her use it... but here we are... 5 months after she came into the world and I was babysitting and got out the jungle bag... She now sits up and plays with her toys in the floor... Worth every stitch to see her look at the animals..  Especially the Hippo.. she was fascinated with it's teeth and she had two come up in the front so they were especially funny together.

Jungle Bag
The Jungle Started witht his giraffe, made of upholstery material and minky hooves.
The animals then sort of multiplied!

I love that I saw them in action!  Seems like yesterday when I was just waiting for her arrival and thinking up this crazy stuff!

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