Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dress before Work... Details

Sooo, this will be the last  day I do the dress and will try some different patterns...

The Dress I have been making for the last few days was this old standby...

Only change is the neckline, because the neckline is too low.

M6559 McCalls

To make it long sleeve, I just take the sleeves from the jacket and inset them.... they fit perfectly on C D

There is only a front and back piece, and no facings.. just cut out and turn under the neckline, if sleeveless, just turn under the sleeveless edge and topstitch those.  The hem, I just stop the side seams about 5 inches before the hem and turn under the slits to add a little flair and the hem is just a half inch turned under twice and top stitched.  FAST AND EASY..

To calm down the very big colorful and loud prints I use... I add the flowing cardigans that I have come to love....

So comfy an outfit, and hides all my extra curves.

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