Friday, June 23, 2017

Sew IT IS!!!

Believe THIS!

My new signage over my sewing machine

TUBINS' and Pencil Skirt with Leopard Drapeneck Blouse and Scarf

A little over a yard of 4-way stretch for Tubins and the skirt was poly poplin and around a yard of fabric.  The shirt and scarf squeezed out of a 1 and quarter 60 inch wide.


for Drapeneck blouse - Yardage 1 3/8 to 1 5/8 yds 60" wide fabric

1 7/8 to 2 3/8 for 45" wide fabric

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sewing Blouses on the Day off! Multiples

I am going to use my favorite Drape neck for a few Blouses that match tubins' I made this week..

I have a new blouse pattern to use for some silks and I am going to see if I can find a little bed jacket pattern or create something to be made out of some silk I have here.

All the fabrics came from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at GSTREETFABRICS or the silks came from the 'Silk Novelty Bin'  at 7.97.

I just finished working on the new website which will feature any pictures GStreet Customers want to show off using GStreets' Fabric.

If you have been inspired and made something from GStreetFabrics material that you think worthy to show off- send me a picture

Let me know at the store and I will make sure you have the right email to send it.

This is from the 7.97 silk bin... it is a little different... The back of the shirt is a cotton stretch that was in the same print... The scarf for an accessory I made out of the silk so it was light and flowy.   There was not enough of the silk so it was great to find the same print on a cotton.  Both were pre-washed as I do all my material when I get home from the store and before I cut out the pattern.  This was Butterick 3131 with added fabric on the bottom of the blouse and a little slit on each side to wear over tubins', or skirt.

T shirts and Spaghetti Strap Chemise


I rode my exercise bike while I dried my hair with the hair dryer and drank 1 33.8 fl oz bottle of water.  

Match that!


So yesterday I made a T - shirt to wear under the Pink Silk blouse.  The material was some heather pink ribbing.


There is a pattern for a Tank in a number of the patterns I have previously posted.  The tank I used was from KWIK SEW  K3701  Calls for 7/8 of a yard of fabric

  I had bought the pattern for my daughter and she made drop crotch pants out of the pattern.

In this pattern you just cut out front and back sew the top straps together and then turn under the edge a quarter inch and I used a blanket stitch to sew it.   [\   The stitch kinda looks like that.  I thought it
Add caption
worked well with keeping the edge flat and not stretching out the ribbing knit.  The bottom I turned under quarter to 3/8 twice and did a straight stitch and then a blanket stitch over it.

This is the bottom hem regular stitch and then blanket stitch to flatten.

The side seam done with a zipper zigzag stitch at 1/4 as I do not have a serger and find this to work in my garments.  When I use the other stitch that I use on seams I will do a closeup.   This T-shirt material worked for this.

I have worn this once.  I am a 38 Triple D, so my clothes are never small.

Just the blanket stitch was used on the neckline and the arm sleeves and turned under 1/4 inch stitched on top...

For me I wanted to tuck in the T shirt and then feel comfortable in my tubins if I reached up at the store while working.  Worked for me.

Tonight I will do a spaghetti strap Chemise from some extra slippery silk I have to wear under my silk blouses.  I don't particularly need one now, but it is more for a demo and then backup.

Today I cleaned out my closet and pulled out all the hateful metal hangers and plastic hangers and put in mostly the black velvet huggables.  This way I could stack all the outfits together on each hanger and not have 3 hangers for a blouse pants and Jacket or a blouse skirt and jacket.  It was supposed to look better and give me more room, but I have made so many clothes the last two months I am going to have to go back to just sewing for the baby. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yardage for Your Creations


Remember old unused patterns can be found by searching Google-Etsy-Ebay or the pattern company itself by Pattern number and name of Vendor- or search a style.  Most times they will ship immediately and you get in a couple of days.  When GStreet has a sale as now the Summer Sale everything is 25% off including the patterns-just not the 2.97 room or the silk at 7.97.

Well, when you ask I tell you to wrap yourself in the fabric and you can tell if you have enough, BUT.....  Here are some yardages from my pattern stash. No facing, uses strip of fabric like a bias turn under. 

 Simplicity Pattern 2189 Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear

Simplicity Pattern 2189... This dress yardage is  1.75 for smallest size (32.5 inch bust + 34.5 hips) and 3 yards for the largest size (50 inch bust + 52 inch hips)


This McCalls Pattern Tie Jacket is simple to use as shrug or just a jacket to have with your sleeveless dress at the beach for on the Boardwalks

McCalls M6559

Dress Yardage   1.75 6-14 to 1 7/8 for 16  2 5/8 for 18 2 7/8 for 20 3.25 for 22

Jacket Yardages

Shrug style 1 yard 6-14------- 1 1/8 to1 3/8 16-22 

Regular length Jacket (my favorite to pack) 1.5 to 2 yards


So Little People 3 yards total for Beach Dress plus tie jacket

My People 4-5 yards for total outfit.....but so fun....

Mix your Printed Matte Jersey with a Solid Jacket that goes with your 3 or 4 dresses..... YOU GO GIRL  Beachy Gracefulness..... 


Long Sleeved Draping neckline Blouse.... LOVE THIS 

Usually this is what I wear with my Poly Poplin Suits and Tubins'

I accessorize with the leftover by making a scarf and covered button earrings

for Drapeneck blouse - Yardage 1 3/8 to 1 5/8 yds 60" wide fabric

1 7/8 to 2 3/8 for 45" wide fabric

Poly Poplin Suit with one of my blouse scarf sets... (poly poplin is only 5.98 yard and 60 inches wide)  take 25% off for Summer sale and be like me ...have 16 suits of solid colors in my closet.... some skirt and pants with jacket...

Pencil style skirt... elastic waist and kick pleat in back... the amount of yardage is the length you want it... don't need more than a yard. 60" wide fabric

Have a suit of every color for the working woman looking professional.

Yardage for suit Jacket and Skirt typical  

A plain unstructured body curve jacket like this Jacket M5668

2 yards for A and 2.5 yards for B plus yard for your skirt...

60" fabric... 3 to 4 yards for a nice little suit


Every Working Womans wardrobe should have a Black Jacket and a White Jacket to go with all their pants and skirts.


This top is easy and cute... I did have to raise the neckline.

Yardages 5/8 of solid 5/8 of lace  or 1.25 60"stretch

Simple pants stretch or cotton - elastic waist

1 5/8 to 2 3/4 60"wide  2 1/8 to 2.75 for 45"  

The SIMPLE SKIRT WITH FLOW elastic waist

2 1/8 to 2.25 60" wide or 2 1/8 to 3.75 45" wide fabric 


1.5/8-2 1/8 60" wide or 2 1/8 to 3/1/8 45" wide

 Long -Short - Rounded or Pointed lapels - pocket flaps with or without pockets

Add covered buttons to flaps for accent

Friday, June 16, 2017

More Multi Task Sewing


Light Turquoise/Aqua

Royal Blue and Tan Tubins


Tan or Kaki Tubins with matching silky blouse

Lightly Pinned to cut out.. next to chair at sewing machine to sew

 Two Lycra Drape Necks and One Silk To pin and be ready to cutout and sew 


 Royal Blue Tubins'


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cardigan, Blouse and cutting in twos

I have filled my coffee cup.

The plan is to cut out two blouses at a time.... Both are silk, so I will be using lots of pins.
I use the long quilt pins because they are easier to work with.   I usually use as few pins as possible as I am usually in a hurry.  Today, I will have to use lots of pins because I am going to cut in pairs the shirts(blouses) and Cardigans.   The pattern is for a long cardigan-free flowing, but very fast to sew.  The shirts(blouses) are going to be my favorite drape neck pattern out of silks.  And if I have time before sewing-I will cut out one pair of gray pin striped tubins and , of course, scarves to accessorize all outfits, not to mention earrings.   Let's see how well I do today!.....

This blouse pattern has been altered for me adding to the drape and I usually do long sleeves.

This pattern I will use the cardigan, but I shortened it by about six inches so it is long and drapey, but it is still free flowing.  I pinned two at a time of the cardigan cover up.


These will be with tubins'-pink and fuschia tubins' are already made and hanging waiting for the coverup

I folded up the pattern pieces 6 inches on the bottom of the cardigan or Cover up

So you can see I pinned the pattern piece on two fabrics- one fuschia(looks purple here) and one light pink gauze.

Everywhere there is a Circle or dot...I clip so I know where it was to match.   This is particularly helpful when doing inset sleeves.  There are usually two notches (one single and one double) and 3 dots that where I put a clip.  When insetting the sleeve you match the notches and the center top clip and sometimes you have to do a little pull on your basting to match the clips from the sleeve to the clips on your shirt pieces.

 I took a sleeve from another pattern that I already knew where the length would be correct for a long sleeve and laid it over the three quarter sleeve piece to this jacket so I would be able to cut it correctly to length...

The gauze was narrow and the fuschia was wide, so I folded the gauze in half end to end when I got to doing the wide front piece and could lay the sleeve piece beside it.  The back piece was pinned on the matching fold when folded vertically.  This could be a problem if you have a nap or vertically directional print.  In this case I could pin and cut two at a time doing this type of folding.

Here is the outfit as intended.  The coverup over a draping blouse and Fuschia tubins'.




Now the Pink Cotton Gauze Coverup and then the blouses. 



The silk blouse is so light colored I will have to make a tank to go under.... Next Post... Multiple pants and blouses 2