Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tubins' on Thursday

Okay, I am going to do more writing on the blog so we can add adsense to the site.  They do not allow ads if I only have pics... but you know pictures are worth a thousand words-(somebody said that some time ago).  I get home from work late at night, so I made the fuschia tubins when I got home.  Remember to give yourself motivation, make your earrings out of the same material as your project.  This gives me a boost to get the item done, so I then will have a complete outfit, or something to pull it together.  If that doesn't seem to work, I make a scarf.  If nothing else, I have a new pair of earrings and scarf I can wear, but usually this is enough to boost me to finish the skirt, pants, or blouse, or all of the set.

I have the tubins in fuschia done, the earrings and cut out the blouse of the matching patterned lycra fabric.   I am going to take a little sleep and then make earrings and scarf and sew up the blouse... put all things on and then go visit my new litte grand-daughter on the way to work.

I bought enough elastic to do 10 pairs of tubins, so I will have lots of outfits this coming month, and hopefully this will inspire me to get little projects organized around me finished.

I made this before work on Thursday.....

When I get home from work on Thursday, I will make sparkle pants,(tubins') and Black stretch jeans type tubins' .  I will make a Sweetheart neckline lace and pleated shiny gray with black mirrored lace top to go with glitter pants and I will have my gray snakeskin look lycra to wear with my black jeans tubins' on Sunday.

I am going to enhance my blog with many descriptions in words about how I sew things quicker so I can make an outfit right before work...

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More Tubins... on Task

Note Earrings of Tubin' material.... Covered button with earring back added after pulling shank out and covering the button-had to add some homemade pins too,  of course!

Yep, that is my favorite drapin' blouse pattern made with comfy lycra...

Butterick 3131 with some custom fitting and added drape.

Bright Purple Tubins'  made even roomier for the pants look, but the tubin' feel... easy quick...  OFF TO WORK

Fuschia Pants tomorrow, and glitzy pants Saturday- Yeh for quick new tubins' style and 2.97 stretch fabric!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tubins' Quick-Not Tight Legging Pants-(Tube Pants) and Tops

I will call mine TUBINS'   Cause... I made them big out of Scuba like fabric and they are just comfy lovin' them kinda pants....   Makin' them in every color... Don't wrinkle and great for work in ankle length....  Pictures of actual garments as soon as I fix my camera or get a new one... Okay... I made a second pair of tubins' and another drape shirt... yesterday before work.   Today is my day off... I washed all my latest bought fabric I had not washed... laid out three fabrics for tubins... have teal and navy and new ones will be light turquoise, fuschia, and deep purple...  I have skirts in all these colors so I have shirts to match from the suit blouses, but....

 See why I call them tubins'... because of the type of fabric it is they are like two tubes.... comfy and soooo quick to sew.. Just lay it on doubled wide fabric and gives you two pieces... right and left leg....  Sew... hem... make your waistband circle elastic... fold over your waist piece over your elastic and turn under, top stitch close to edge leave opening at the front of the waistband in case you want to pull tighter....  done!!


 The trick is the right tight knit 4 way stretch fabric to make the tube legs.... so comfy... Not tight like leggins but similar look without seeing all your fauxpas.

Wore these Teal Leggins with This Printed teal and black Top and had a matching print scarf material found in the Treasure Hunt Room(2.97) at G Street Fabrics



Makin' dark navy pants this morning and beautiful all over Camouflage type of bright blue and turquoise print in a silk stretch found in the Silk novelty sale bin at G street Fabrics

Wearing this to work today... It is 8 AM.... I am due at work at 1:00... so  Earrings are made of the blouse fabric... pants cut out and will only take 2 seams and turn up hem and turn down elastic waist...   Blouse front drape small turn under sew to back.... hem bottom(sized and sewn this many times)  inset already hemmed sleeves  and ready to go ...

Oh yeah, Scarf and probably my white jacket... Scarf same fabric....  I'm Stylin'  so comfy... so colorful.... so happy.

 NOTE ... Earrings to match from covered buttons on Shoulder of jacket

 These navy ones were corded like bengaline, but had the right 4 way stretch for tubins'....

2 pair done.... and 3 to go...

These be cut out Tuesday night and have 3 pair to wear to work.... Wednesday... Thursday... and Saturday..

Coral, red, fuschia, blue, teal, jeans black, black black.... I'm ready.... LOVING THE 2.97 Treasure Hunt Room.......



 This Drapeneck is made a little different... easy, but the sleeves are different and I prefer regular set in sleeves....  It is a nice relaxed sleeve, but I wear jackets and it is bunchie for a jacket over it....  Next time I will make it with regular set in sleeves

 This is the long drapeneck pattern in a stretch knit with a matching silk scarf with the same print found in the 2.97(Treasure Hunt Room)

You can see I have made a large slit up the sides for when I wear just the tubins' and the top... It is a very relaxed top and long.

These three patterns I got from Ebay ... buck or two with free shipping...   My frequented pattern place...


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sewing and Embroidery on cotton


Batik Cotton Machine Embroidery with Sulky Variegated embroidery thread as found in the sale bin at the cashiers at G Street Fabrics

Batik found in the Calico/Quilting Cotton Section of G Street Fabrics

Infinity Scarf found in the 2.97(aka TREASURE HUNT ROOM) at G Street Fabrics

Skirt Fabric was also found in the Treasure Hunt Room

Cardinals are machine embroidery appliqued at back kick pleat.

Skirt pattern was McCalls 6042 but the skirt pattern was altered by adding a yoke to the top of it just banding with fabric to add the length I wanted.

Skirt, Tunic and Infinity scarf all matching colors of green and

Pins on lapels were fused glass I made from a microwave kiln.