Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Glass Fusing Pins and such....

I have a quikfire 6 kiln I have not used.... in a downsize move it went to one of my daughters garages and the bottom was misplaced... never to be found again... I ordered a replacement this morning..

This is a dragonfly pin done in the microwave I got on Craigslist.

This glittery pin was done in the microwave with a mixture of frit and 

dichroic glass.

 Heart Pin done in Microwave with dichroic glass and frit combo

This is sideways but you get the gist.  A combo of everything in heart shaped pin.

This was also done in the microwave.
This was just a hummingbird shape cut from glass and fused in the microwave, but the fusing gave the tail a nice coloring just like a real hummingbird.. also pointed the beak and wings... so I can't wait for the quikfire base so I can have more fun with pins.

Actually this is a trivet of fused glass

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Jungle toys

Jungle Toys Bag and Stuffed Animals


 Made from upholstery Flat Folds @ G Street Fabrics

hooves are leftover minky from another project

Mane and Tail are cut from the selvage of the spotted material

There is a piece of bendable wire inside the tail that makes it stand up

Legs are made separately and sewn on with Button and Carpet thread through the body after the body is made.

They move back and forth freely without any buttons or plastic or metal parts.

OMG.... I forgot his ears and Horns...

Will post his picture again after I finish the bag and put his horn and ears on.......  Then I need to find some gray and do an elephant friend with bendable trunk... hahaha


 Can you see... the Giraffe now has black minky lined ears and horns...  I looked at the pic of giraffes on the internet and I think this is pretty good.  There are no loose parts just thread attaches the moving legs... the horns and earns are hand sewn on.

I already gave her the monkeys (sock monkey mom and baby) see baby shower bag posts.

The Jungle Fabric was found on the Decorator Flat Folds

I continued the Giraffe theme with the strapping made of the same fabric... still in progress.. pictures to follow as I finish

The plan is cloth books, Noahs Ark, and Old McDonalds Farm, plus Giraffe and Elephant in the bag

Now I will finish the bag and put that on there... and then fill it.. 

 So, Here you see I had to piece the strapping because I am using the same fabric as the lining and the giraffe, so because it is so thick at the top where I am applying the handles, I picked up this cool soft vinyl off the flat folds.  I am hand sewing the strapping on with button and carpet thread and then applying this little tab at each connection (4) so it has a little extra character.  Yeh! G street flat folds.... I love this bag!  I think my new little grand daughter and daughter will grow to love it too.

I will take finished shots after I finish it TODAY!

They are not perfect, but I think they add a special touch with the soft vinyl!

 and also I am cutting out the elephant mommy and the baby elephant and the hippo, to put in the bag.... pictures as I make progress... Quarter of a yard of each of the fabrics should be enough to do more than one of each so one for them and one for my little shop in my mind......  

Each book will have a music box inside... under Old MacDonald, and under Noahs hand.... Etc.

 Working on Momma Elephant..... Now


One bag of stuffing is plenty to do these 4 animals and some left over.  Remember she already has a mommy sock monkey and baby sock monkey, so I don't need monkeys....

 Monkeys she got at the shower....

 So, I got microfiber lite gray for the baby elephant, and pleather light gray for the  mommie and then I got a darker color microfiber for the Hippo....  pics of finished later.

 OOPS!  I forgot, I found some lovely zebra flannel, too....

I doubt I will get the zebra done today, I don't have a pattern for that one... and I guess it will work for a horse out of a brown-somebody stop me!..

 There was cool snake fabric, but that might be too scary for mom hahaha.

Hoping to also cut out the bunting... baby due the 7th of February.  I need to finish the bunting-** priority!!  So, I said it, now I have to do it!!!!!

Baby hasn't come yet, but the jungle animals are here waiting for her!

So, I still need to give the Hippo, eyes teeth and a pink inner mouth... othere than that the crew of the Jungle bag is done... moveable legs and all....  Momma elephant and zebra have eyelashes with their embroidered eyes...


Animals ready for the Jungle...LOL

Friday, January 6, 2017

Lap quilt with Birds/Double sided White Minkie

Simple Warm and Beautiful

Cotton Print Pre-washed and outline quilted through Minkie

Side shows Outlined Birds on White

Just outlined the Birds