Tuesday, August 29, 2017

No Time - Pick Earrings- Mix and Match

To see other Outfits from G Street Fabrics



Found some earrings..


Found the shirt and scarf

Found a pin with a bobbin on it same fabric

Add a cardigan

Add some Tubins

Blues and Blues and more Blues

Don't forget the Bangles and Bracelets

I am Tired but my outfit was happy!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Shirts and Shirts

Here is the little black and white shirt for mom

 Just like her blue and white one


Who's Reading This Blog?

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50th High School Reunion

50th High School Reunion


Decided to go I think

Today will be sewing all day and I will go over to the Treasure Hunt Room to find what I will make for the big weekend....

to wear to the Meet and Greet... Touring the New Old High School and.... The dinner dance....

LOOK OUT.... here I come! I must have a little Glitz and Glamm.....   It's been 50 Years...

Welll....  Convenience Store Manager.. became switchboard operator... talked into Assistant Manager for a bank.... Went to work for the Government Budget Office.... Back to Private Industry... Managing Sewing Stores at night and Accounting in the daytime....(making draperies on the side)... back to banks accounting department and then.... became Realtor... for 36 years.... Broker - Appraiser - Taught Professional Continuing Education to Realtors... Retired and back to Fabric Store.... 

Lived in many houses starting 1970.. 


The top was raised and Dutch roof added to give room for master bedroom walkin closet and expand bathroom

# 4 was built after visiting Williamsburg... 5 fireplaces... beamed ceiling in 40 ft kitchen with brick floor and beautiful brick floor front porch- swings or bench at every end both porches-3 car garage 

 I replaced everything in this house... I have now downsized to non homeownership.  These windows were beautiful casements with beveled edge diamond shapes cut in them.

House on the Water

The View

AND many more after this... but this was my bucket list house

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Caffeine Queen Sews Again


I woke up in the middle of the night...

Decided to blog myself back to sleep.  Couldn't find the USB photo loader, got the material out and then got tired moving everything around to find the loader and laid down and went back to sleep.

Now I am up for the morning.... Filling my mug and

First I have to make my mum a shirt to go with a pair of comfy baggy pants I made her.... Yeah,  the little blue flower one worked, so I am going to use that pattern again because it is quick.

So here goes, the morning job.

Cut out and sew mums shirt.... then I have a pair of pants (tubins) next to the sewing machine... so I will definitely get those done.  I am going to cut out a  lightweight white sheer type cardigan and a silk blouse for me... (to wear to work)                                      going going

Made the shirt... Made the pants...

Lovely gray suiting type material - pants 2.97

Lovely Gray and Black Silk for Blouse

White Sheer Textured Unstructured Cardigan

I wore this Saturday... all from the 2.97 room.

3131 Drapeneck and Tubins' plus Scarf and white popcorn knit cardigan.......and a few pins...


Thursday I wore this...

My closet brimmeth over...

And it has earrings to match... pick yellow or blue and yellow earrings- and don't forget your bangles

Everything mixes and matches... This was dark blue and yellow.

This was another standby dress pattern... no facings, but a tiny strip of fabric sew to wrong side and brought over turned under and top stitched to give the armholes and neckline a small trim....  Quick and easy... Simplicity 2189  and Standby Cardigan....Butterick 5045

Shortened Cardigan..

Yes... I use patterns... been known not to, but I love them.. once fixed to fit you have quick and easy for life

Want a certain style?.. just keyword search Google or Etsy or Ebay ... lots of free shipping... inexpensive and quick for you..

Just stop by 12220 Wilkins Ave Rockville, MD 20852 USA

get some fabric from New York for just 2.97 a yard... Donna Karan...  Ralph Lauren...  Calvin Klein... Yep they are all in there periodically.... Just Dive In to the Treasure Hunt Room 

Who else is reading this?

 I love to see who is reading..

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Simple Shirt-with cold shoulder view-New Pattern

Needed to make a shirt for my mom

Made Baggy pants and had leftovers... this pattern fit easily...

Was quick- Started Sewing it at 7:00 am  Finished by 8:15

Did not do the Cold Shoulder View Yet... 

This was just a front - back on fold - sleeves cut two and a strip to use for the neckline.  Fast to sew!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tubins for Work

9:00 pin on Cardigan and cut out

 Front of Cardigan

Back on Fold and Sleeves as fit

All pieces cut out with as few pins as possible

Little nicks where there are dots so no marking or slowing down needed

Nicks on 3 dots on sleeves and 1 dot on back and 1 dot on front

Ready to sew as fast as possible!

To be at work at 12:00 Noon with jacket on

10:00 drink 2 cups of coffee

10:15 sew cardigan


Makin' the Free Flowing Cardigan to go with this

These are the pants... with the legs like tubes to look like tailored pants.

Shortened Cardigan from this -- fast enough to cut and sew in 2 hours

Have flowered earrings to match the top...


Will cover bangles to match the jacket

Ripped 1 1/2 inch strip from bottom of chiffon, wrapped bangle and gorilla glued end and used pin to hold..

 Maybe a necklace of black or blue green... maybe none...

Next blog we will make a covered bead necklace to match outfit


After a Day at Work & Thrown on a Chair

Silk Scarf - Silk Shirt Stretch Tubins and a Crepe Jacket

The colors worked-(I think)

Earrings of Silk from Shirt and matching bangle to jacket

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dress before Work... Details

Sooo, this will be the last  day I do the dress and will try some different patterns...

The Dress I have been making for the last few days was this old standby...

Only change is the neckline, because the neckline is too low.

M6559 McCalls

To make it long sleeve, I just take the sleeves from the jacket and inset them.... they fit perfectly on C D

There is only a front and back piece, and no facings.. just cut out and turn under the neckline, if sleeveless, just turn under the sleeveless edge and topstitch those.  The hem, I just stop the side seams about 5 inches before the hem and turn under the slits to add a little flair and the hem is just a half inch turned under twice and top stitched.  FAST AND EASY..

To calm down the very big colorful and loud prints I use... I add the flowing cardigans that I have come to love....

So comfy an outfit, and hides all my extra curves.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dress Before Work

Accessories to Customize-Earrings - Scarf- Pin

Tubins' Shirt and Cardigan...Found this beige cotton gauze to pair with silk blouse and cotton knit beige tubins...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dress Made Before Work

So... Still on Task.. outfit a day:

 Made the Earrings... 11:00 AM

Have to be at work at 1:00

Forcing myself to cut out a dress....

Was a hit for the day!... and this was a fabric no one wanted... a pique type knit... soooo soft and comfy...

Standby pattern... just a front and back and a scarf made from the strip left over on the side...

Gray flower is made from the raggy selvage of a light gray poly chiffon.... and I had some photo scrapping dodad that I glued in the middle of the flower.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Made Dress and Jacket Before Work


These cardigans are getting really fast.  Only turning under the edges and top stitching... Front pieces

Back Piece on Fold and then Sleeves.... No facings...   Got it down pat how to fold the top edges of the front for a self facing and then after doing the Jacket, I pulled out the dress material from a bin and just cut out the front and back on the fold and zip ...zip.... no facing just turn under the neckline and top stitch..... done... Okay, I did the earrings first as usual... out of the dress material....

 Earrings to motivate me to do it... remember covered buttons of any size without the shank can be made to earrings by gluing an earring back on... pierced backs and clip backs are available at the store in the button area.... and pin backs if you want to make a pin with the same fabric as background and add little items..

Scarves were a little different today... I took the edge like I did on the blue cotton gauze jacket and on the orange scarf turned the selvage out so it made a fringe around the scarf... I took the same fabric as the jacket and just cut a strip of the leftovers and made a tube with the ends slanted and did the same a little shorter on the dress fabric so I could layer them as an accessory with my usual crazy little pins pinning them to the cardigan so it could flow with the cardigan as I walked.

I thought the little fringe around the orange scarf would add a little something and make it stand out as a separate scarf from the jacket.  Got a couple of compliments and made it all right before I went to work.

and of course I work Some bangles that were orange and black and gold with a couple of faux tennis bracelets...

I really don't like to work, but I love dressing up!.... come see me at G Street Fabrics in Rockville...   I have 'time' for you...

if you come by ask me if I have 'Time' for you, that is a whole nother adventure..LOL

So outfit of the day on Monday!   Orange was the color of the day..

Jungle Bag In Use

Remember the old post bag in January where I was making a Jungle Bag.  Yes, I look at the fabric too much when these things pop into my head.

Here is one of the things I made in use..Ha Ha... When the baby came I had no idea if I would ever see her use it... but here we are... 5 months after she came into the world and I was babysitting and got out the jungle bag... She now sits up and plays with her toys in the floor... Worth every stitch to see her look at the animals..  Especially the Hippo.. she was fascinated with it's teeth and she had two come up in the front so they were especially funny together.

Jungle Bag
The Jungle Started witht his giraffe, made of upholstery material and minky hooves.
The animals then sort of multiplied!

I love that I saw them in action!  Seems like yesterday when I was just waiting for her arrival and thinking up this crazy stuff!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Outfits a day and still Sewing

Yes, I might not blog every day but I am still sewing:

I made earrings out of the dress fabric and wore some red and black bangles... Got a few compliments out of this, so it seemed to work-Made the red cardigan right before work!

This outfit I had the pants (20 minute Tubins) and The shirt Cotton batik with machine embroidery around tunic top, sleeves and bottom edge - made the cardigan before work this day - see raglan edges on sleeves?- ran out of fabric piece that came from 2.97 'Treasure Hunt' Room... so I banded and put the selvage out so it looked like I did it on purpose.  Scarf of same material... intertwined two scarves added rings and beaded bracelet on scarf tie for accessorizing.  A little over the top but got compliments all day!.. Must of worked or just looked ridiculous!

Okay... I liked this one... made the cardigan before work added to outfit already made...

I like it better on the hanger for you to see...