Thursday, August 10, 2017

Free Flowing Cardigans

 Butterick   B5045---Love this Jacket for Comfort and Grace

                     Shorten the jacket for different looks

Tonight I am making some different color cardigans...
Red, Orange, Teal, Navy Blue Eyelet, Beige Gauze and different lengths...

The Navy blue eyelet was a smaller piece so I had to shorten it by 9 inches to fit on the piece of material.  The lengths in this pattern - long is good for a floor length dress jacket.  4 inches made it good with pants, so I will try the 9 inch shorter to see if that is long enough to disguise my back view and still give the elongated front of the jacket.  I will sew this one first, then the teal, red, orange, and beige.  The hardest part for me is making me cut them out.  The navy one is cut out.  I  will make the earrings, then I will sew the eyelet cardigan.  Seemed to work... got a couple of compliments on the eyelet.
 Not enough fabric for the sleeves had to band them with the raggy selvage out..? something different!

I have a drape neck shirt that I have cut the front piece out and I just have to do the sleeves and back and back neck facing.  If I sew these two items, that is an outfit for tomorrow.  If I sew the red gauze jacket, I can wear that with my black white and red dress - Friday Night.  If I do the Beige one, I can wear that with the black and Beige silk shirt and pants-Saturday.  Soooooooooo, here goes....

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