Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sew Simple Sweater Coat

Knitted Fabric Sooo(sew) Simple to Make

Found this sweater knit in GStreetFabrics 'Treasure Hunt' Room

All seams were Flat Felt sewn including side seam pockets so this could be 'reversible'

Used this style pattern with side seam pockets from a pants pattern I grabbed while cutting it out and extended length 6 inches on view A length (I am 5'2")-cut out long white stripe w/ 1/2" black on each side to sew on edges like double fold bias for edging trim on all sides and bottom-one side was just selvage that was already a white edging ruffling

Looking at this in the pile-my mind went wild..and sooooo soft and cozy

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Don't Forget Your Tote Bag

Don't Forget Your Tote Bag...You know YOU NEED ONE

Clear Plastic on the Outside and Vinyl on the Inside

Removeable Shoulder Strap with D Rings and Tote Handles out of same as Lining

Ready to  Use ANYWHERE

Vinyl Inside and Out

Simple Clear plastic outside  Handles.. Vinyl on the Inside-Netting Pocket

Everyone needs Face Totes to Carry their Cosmetic Supplies when travelling or JUST Because...Ha

AND 'My Fabulous Fabric Covered with Clear Plastic Vinyl from GStreetfabrics and accents of left over (skin pieces) trim

I love my 'special' kayaking tote

Friday, January 25, 2019

Directions and Patterns on The Things I make    For Directions or Patterns on this Items    To buy these types of Fabrics

Silk Kimonos

Billows-Blanket that Rolls into a Pillow

 Totes and Faux Fur Scarves that Match

 Polar Fleece Baby Throws


 Polar Fleece Blankie in a Bag

Earrings from Scraps

 Jackets and Infinity Scarves

Suede Sherpa Reversibles