Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mix and Match

This Dress is one of those Accidents that Everyone Seems to Like

Yes, That is a Separate Scarf -same as dress fabric - With Slanted Ends of a tube of the fabric-Long as the Jacket points.

From the 2.97 Room and Very Soft With Lots of Colors.... no one else seemed to like it .... I made this dress from a Blouse pattern and extended the blouse.  Usually I wear it with Fuschia or Burgundy and Yesterday I wore it with the Blue Jacket... and it Brought Out all the Blues... Blue Button Earrings of the jacket fabric, and lots of blue bangles and silver and gold bracelets with my usual many rings to distract the customers when I am cutting or figuring for them....

This heartshaped pin was made by dropping bits of the same color glass as in the dress into a heart mold and melting in an old microwave I have for this crafting.  Sometimes I feel the need to try different mediums of the same color.

This is the old pattern I used for this dress.  It was the Blouse view and I just Extended the length and gradually made it go out till the bottom.  This works with any blouse pattern you make with a stretchy matte jersey type of material when you go past your hips and down it just drapes nicely.  Sometimes I do slits at the bottom of the calves just for different flow.

Easy Quick Dress

This is the Blue Jacket-Jacket Extended 6 inches and sleeves extended to wrists- Easy Jacket no facings.

Old Patterns can be found on Ebay and Etsy or just a search on Google with Vendor and Pattern number may find one on Amazon.  Make sure it is uncut if it says used, and all pieces included.  Or just trying going straight to the vendor maybe they have one you want.  Most mailings are a couple of days unless it is from China or India.

No, I do not have a serger.  I sew everything with a quarter inch seam and use an overcast on a regular sewing machine.  It is over 20 years old and does embroidery.  I may get a new embroidery only machine that will download from the internet because that part of my machine is obsolete.

TIP:  Machine Needles
Use Ballpoint for Knits and Universal Sharps for Wovens (no stretch)
Number system is lower number is for lighter weight skinnier shaft. I.E. 11 Lingerie, 12 little heavier, 14 medium, 16, 18 are for upholstery weight, vinyl and leather.  

A ballpoint is for knits so you do not cut the elasticized or chain stitch threads that hold the material together and cause a hole in your fabric when stitching, like when you run your hose.  If you think about it - it makes sense.  Cut the rubber band or elastic and it snaps- so ballpoint when you have a problem with whitening of the hole where you are stitching in your stretchy fabric.

Number system is the same for ballpoint or sharps.  You need a stronger needle for heavier sewing... (why does my needle bend and hit the bobbin?-that's why)   A Lighter needle will be easier on your lightweight fabrics and not as big a hole when sewing.

TIP: Sewing Stitches wrong...



Day Off Revamp Dress

From Old Post

Dress pictured is this dress bottom half and top is the bodice of this shirt that I love:

I love these colors... Revamping this dress.. I can no longer go kayaking, so I have to feel like I am beaching..

Quick Fix... Sleeves from this to Sleeveless dress

A beautiful turquoise Flowing Unstructured Cardigan made today that can be worn and make me feel like I am at the beach.  Excess from the parts to be short shrug, and additional scarves... will be the chiffon of same print, a turquoise and one from this matte jersey for scarf layering.

By end of day, 3 cardigans and 2 pants, maybe 2 simple blouses.

Patterns for jackets, and pants- 

I use this pattern for simple tops... Raise neckline, and use regular sleeves, straighten sides for simple tunic style and add slits...  Sometimes Lace Yoke and sleeves... and different variations.. such as lace on front yoke only and solid back and sleeves.... or just lace yoke front and lace sleeves..  If you use these exact sleeves and bodice, you must have stretch.

This is my favorite cardigan jacket, shortened 6 inches and lengthened sleeves.  My favorite jacket for over pants and dresses.  I use the top for a tunic top with regular sleeves added and mid between these two lengths but raised the neckline.  It does not have to be stretch and has darts.  No facings on Jacket or top so it is quick.  Pants are nice with matte jersey, quick pants simple elastic waist.

these are the 20 minute pants I have in every color using mostly 2 or 4 way stretch fabric I find in the 2.97 room...  takes one pants length - A girl can't have too many 20 minute pants-- Just widen the leg part so it doesn't cling and you have your comfy but professional looking slim leg pants...

Any simple leggin pattern should work... fitted top to pants with elastic waist but loose legs to look like more professional pants.

Fill Your Closet then

Sewing Pants and Cutting Cardigans

Great Plans of Mice or Men?
Thanksgiving came.... OH Yeah!
Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Veggie Platter, Fruit Platter
Buns, Spinach Balls, Pumpkin Pies, Apple Pie   Fun Laughter and now..
Rode my exercise bike one half hour... Part of the conversation was about the Gyms.... Haven't set foot in one in years...Sooooo, they have inspired me to get svelte like the gymgoers...
Now, when I ride my exercise bike I use my arms with weights, so I can get full cardio.
Soo, with the day started that way... I am going back to my sewing regiment... and then to work.
I will see what I can get done.

The new Commitment is to Play my guitar every day, Sew Something Every day, Ride my exercise bike 1/2 hour and do arm exercises and do thirty days to thin thighs ... everyday...

Don't have to wait for New Years for a new commitment...

And I will feel so good in my new clothes.... LOL

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Clothes-Gifts-Embroidery-Day Off


Click here for yardages for outfits

Today-Finishing the Binding on the Baby Book

'Old McDonald Farm' Music Box attachment

EIEIO and Tie Through Grommets or Buttonholes

Finish Hand Embroidery on Books

Machine Blanket Stitching Pages, and Outline quilting areas Still needs some Hand Embroidery But Should end up like this

Cloth Binding with Gold Grommets for Ribbon to go Through

Back Page is Lime Green Bumpy Minky and I will Hand Embroider 'THE END'

A Little Hand Embroidery and Quilting on Pages and Book is DONE...

Sew Some More Butterflies and Flowers in Ribbon Embroidery or 'Stumpwork' On Scarf

Cut Out 2 pairs of pants and Sew both
Pinned On... 

Takes 20 Minutes to Sew One Hour-2 pairs of Pants-
Gold and Burgundy

Cut Out 1 or 2 Cardigans- Sew 1
One set of Scarves Made-Burgundy

Burgundy Floral-Gold Cut Velvet

Cut Out 1 or 2 Pullover Tops- Sew 1

Dusty Rose and Yellow

Do Thanksgiving Shopping and Go to Post Office

Did Not Do All Sewing on Clothes... Still have a hour before work...?  I made a scarf to go with a previously made shirt -jacket -and tubins...  Will do others later tonight while cooking.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

New Jacket mix and Match

Mix Match with Coppery Brown Tubins and Black Shirt..Patchwork Jacket which was a print that had the same yellow flowers on it as

I got the Patchwork, thinking it would go with this dress, but it was too busy, even breaking it up with the scarves...C'est La Vie

Accessories with the Patchwork Jacket.. Brought Out the Blue with a Blue Crepe Scarf and added my Funny Pins

Glass Fused in the Microwave - Heart Pin - Gold Cat in the Fish Bowl- Gold Cat at the Bird Cage... and  One of my Yellow chiffon Selvage Flower Pins with a Dead Bee Watchface Glued in the center set at the time I should be off of work....

I worked on Old McDonalds Farm Book a Little-Have to Do the Whole Thing Tonight

Maybe the New Suede Coat After Babysitting or Tomorrow Night!  I will Post

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DAY OFF Challenge - What to Do? So Many Choices...

Suede backed Sherpa and Faux Fur Trims, Scarves, Mittens?

The Long Coat in this pattern, maybe the Faux Fur on the collar, and bottom and cuffs, a scarf... and maybe Mittens and a Hat - if enough
I have some ultrasuede that I can make fringe from and had to collar

I am Going to try to do some butterflies and flowers in ribbon on this scarf!

Old McDonalds Farm Book... Music Box Dilemma... Hand Sewing...  Most Pages Put together

I think I can get the hand sewing and embroidery done, and I have most of the minkie backs cut out... I changed in Midstream, so Some will be changed because I got more Colors.

I believe I am going to put eyelet holes or grommets-another decision and then Ribbon Tie the Pages together.  More Pages can be added that way.  Completely Washable and I think I will make a separate page for just the Music Box so it won't have to go into the wash.  

Still working on the hand sewing before the machine stitching starts..

First Machine Embroider on squares,

Second Flat Batting
Third Machine Washable Stabilizer so Pages won't be too floppy
Fourth -Soft Minky in Different colors for the Back of the pages..
Fifth  is Hand sewing minky matting with mitered Corners...
Sixth finish any embroidery of words you want to add to the pages
Seventh make crazy attachments to pages with just stabilizer in them so you can do Grommets...
Eighth - put Grommets in and tie with Ribbon to allow adding pages to the book when you want to add words to learn.

This is the progress so far... in step Five:

Not as Fast As I Thought I Could Do This one... working working...

I am going to Embroider something regarding Cousins on on this watch face and I thought it would be hilarious to go in my cousins fun box.  See all the cousins from our family tree on her wrist.....LOL  Here it Is:

This was from Dead watches I bought in Bulk on Ebay.... I thought this would be fun for the cousin who does the family tree..... Ha... A Bracelet representing all us couz's

I am making this dead watchface into a pin in the center of a yellow chiffon flower to go with my jacket tomorrow.  It has flowers on it.

The biggest job is cutting out the coat and deciding how to add the trims etc.  - The other projects are small, and I already know what I am wearing tomorrow, just have to set up Thursdays outfit.

Silk Blouse Redid the Sleeves

Remember the Upside Down Sleeve... Fixed
Seam Ripped out the sewing seam and the finishing overcast edge... yes.. I was speeding.

 Remember Earrings First same stripe... Did the Scarf... Browns and Beiges in my Bangles and Bracelets....

Actually had a Gold Butterfly Hair Tattoo on my Hair
A pin that was a cross-stitched Sewing Machine with a cabachon glued on to magnify the stitching... an my cat pin with the butterfly on the paw and a butterfly pin with a bee.. and some miscellaneous

Get Your Groove On.. Sew Those Clothes and Accessorize... Tomorrow is my day off and I believe I will be making a Smashing Suede Sherpa Coat and Some cool Faux Fur Accessories.... - Ya Know...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Screen Printed Panels

This is my usual free flowing Cardigan and Tubins, but the Shirt and Scarf is from one of the Screen Printed double panels that was in the 2.97 room.  1 yd and 5/8 double panel... made tunic style long sleeved blouse and scarf.  

Since the panels were sheer, I thought the blue and red print looked good with the red jacket showing through the scarf.

Friday, November 10, 2017

OOOPS! Don't Do This

Well... Good Enough to work in a Warehouse..LOL

Well I put on my Button Earrings... My Bracelets and was deciding to do the silk Blouse with the stripes and make my Reddish Brown Tubins.  Blouse was cut out.. hanging over the lamp next to the sewing machine... Cut tubins.. sew.. 20 minutes.. put them on... Blouse... made sleeves.. made body of blouse... ironed interfacing on back facing... Time closing in..... almost done.. put the sleeves in.... oooooooooops... finished one sleeve and finished the edge trimmed... YIKES... IT WAS UPSIDE DOWN... I have never done that before... NOW at night I will have to spend sewing time Seam ripping the sleeve off and trying to save a beautiful bias cut striped Silk Blouse

Haste Makes Waste 'They Say'  -  It was Sewooooo Lovely I was too excited.

Had to do a quick save... find another blouse of the same colors...(not silk)  matte jersey print... used beige free flowing gauze cardigan... matching scarf to matte jersey print..

Matching button chiffon flowers at the top of scarf...

Accessories... Cardigan gauze scarf over Print scarf.. with 

Chiffon selvage flowers with Button in Center from 4.00 Button Fancy Button Bag...

I Thought These Buttons Looked Great in the middle of the Chiffon Flowers...

If You Use a Large Safety Pin to put the Buttons in the Center of Chiffon Flowers-You can Interchange Centers with the Same Set of Flowers.."Just Sayin"

Earring Backs on the Same Button as Flowers...

I Love These Buttons as Earrings-Just Glued the Earring Backs onto the Buttons... No Shank on these to remove.