Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Coat Making - Warm Blanket Style Quick and Easy


In the Past:

I love this pattern.. Made it Reversible
This was the Second Coat 

One side of Leopard Coat is Black Minky Quilted and the other side is double sided Brown Minky with the Leopard Print Polar Fleece as an Accent

The first:

Only Parts of the black side are quilted- I just thought it would be nice effect on the collar and carried it to the side fronts and back pieces before constructing the pieces together.

Reversed to:

The diagonal line quilting was done by quilting each piece to a flat batting before sewing the two sides together... black side is quilted so it gives a nice quilted collar

with a scraps scarf... This is minky and Polar fleece combo


The next picture on this blog with be a suede coat using the same pattern with some differences

When you look at the back you can see how I reversed the pieces to do contrasts... I did two coats by sewing two coats and then using a binding and some quilting on the collar to give it stability.

This is the Best Collar in a Snow Storm - People Tested

I took the scraps and made a Minkie Scarf too.. LOL-That is the red quilted thing accross the collar in the last pictures.

Yesterdays Sale Coupon was 30% off one item, so the suede sherpa was my one item... and I figure I can make a long coat and it will be half price of what it would cost in the store and I can make the details something special for me.

It is my day off, so I have to cut out 1 dress 2 jackets, have a pair of pants cut out, and the suede coat... I have a little embroidery to do on my grand daughters books.

Go Kitty... Go Kitty!  All these new clothes without using gas and I can watch netflix at the same time...

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Greens on Greens with Silk

Sew, slightly overboard...

I love this silk blouse

Sew for work I  Made a new Taffeta Scarf and paired it with Different shades of green that were in this blouse and some lovely shiny scuba 4 way stretch tubins in a rich shiny deep green...went crazy with the pins  Cat pins... fused glass... selvedge edge chrysanthimum flower pin.... for this effect

The scarf ring is gold and green fused glass

Different scarf and Pants-Different effect - Sheens


Don't Forget the matching button covered earrings...

Rich Green Chiffon with Gold Metallic Thread Running through it

Fused Glass on one side - selvage edge flower on the other

Crazy cat pins and fused glass ring on scarf knot

Different Textures with Many Different Shades of Rich Green

Blouse from G Streets 7.97 Silk Bin... All other fabrics came from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at G Street...Hate working but love having all the different fabrics to wear at an inexpensive price.

This all started with the scarf of Deep Glass shiny Green Taffeta-Have to make something when I buy fabric or I have to stop Buying.. No matter what the price-JUSTIFY...

So, tonight I bought a suede backed with Sharpa for a new Coat... I am soooo Cold...  This will be a Kwik Sew Pattern... I think it was...  It was cold tonight...

Next Blog..  Warm Blanket Coat Making

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Button Pin at Work

Sew, I am getting old and tired....

I only got the pin made and a scarf and some sleeves, so I just wore the scarf with a mix bag of outfit pieces...

The scarf was something I got out of the Treasure Hunt Room and kind of sheer... so I cut out the sleeves and scarf and just made the scarf...  finished the pin...

So it looked like this... combined with a yellow lace lined blouse to pull the yellows and reds out of the scarf... and a pair of navy tubins I had made with a Navy eyelet free flowing cardigan.

And a reminder for quilters....  Quilting on Minky looks so good:

Laminated Cotton Bag with quilt

  Easy Shrug No set in sleeves, just hem half yard and fold sewing just the length of the sleeve for kimono style shrug.  Just drapes itself on you.

Gift set- 2 shrugs and lapquilt in laminated bag

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Buttons into Pins

So I really just lazed yesterday....  I want to go ziplining, but my back is still not so strong, so I am hesitating.  I spent the day lazing around, not really thinking about sewing, but playing in the new button stash.... arranging different pins.
I decided to make Tricycles and put different animals on them....
Note the Streamers on the handle Bar from my ribbon embroidery ribbon..LOL
The helmet button came from the bag - the wheels and the basket...

I think he is cute... I just have to decide on a background fabric that will go with a lot of things and I will stitch the Aida cloth to the background fabric and put cardboard as a support, maybe some batting to give dimension to the background and a pin back... 

Remember my bag of buttons for $4.00..?

I saw wheels when I looked in this bag.

So I have to do this now, if I want to wear it, and quick sew up a new shirt so I have something new and different to wear with my new pin.... LOL

2 and half hours till work...

This one is for tomorrow.... so I haven't done the embroidery yet.... but just laid out possible designs.

I might just do the bikes by themselves and make some felting butterflies for them to land on the seats..... That will be food for thought tonight!.

Now back to sewing.... will post what I make today tonight.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Outfit to Make?

Sew, finally got the palm tree dress and pale green jacket off the sewing lamp of things to do.

Sew, I had draped the cut out pieces accross the lamp arm with the green jacket so I couldn't ignore it.
I got up and forced myself to sew it together before I went to work on Monday..... So, here is the outfit - and as usual I made the earrings out of the palm tree fabric so that I would feel guilty not to finish.

The usual simple dress out of pattern  and added the sleeves from another pattern as it is getting colder... a strip made into a scarf... and looked in the whatnot box and found a parrot and a quilting pin that seemed to go well with the colors...

This is cross stitched quilt squares on aida cloth with a miniature sewing basket hanging from the middle
At the last minute I picked up the parrot and made a pin out of it
Parrot Pin

Now another day off and I only have some bright yellow tubins cut out hanging there... so what's next...???  The next blog will show!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sewing Sewing Jackets, Dress, and a Teeny Tiny Bit of Ribbon and Button Embroidery, Books

Have to do it all!....

Okay, it is late, but I am confident I can squeeze out at least a jacket, to wear to work tomorrow.  I did the pants... I will post them.  I did them before work yesterday, but they were a stretch boucle,  a beautiful color of turquoise.  Since they cost less than 3.00  I will wear them once and maybe never again.  I cut them out late at night with a bright yellow pair and apparently I made the fabric off grain.  This means because of the way these tubin pants are that the inside seam of the leg will hang crooked.  I think I can grin and bear it at least one day at work because the color is so pretty and people won't see it behind the cutting table.  I feel like wearing a pretty color tomorrow, so I will finish the jacket that is multi colored.  I did the sleeves and hem of the sleeves and when I went to sew the rest on before work I couldn't find the back piece.  I have more, so I will probably cut another back and if I find where the lost back piece slithered to I will use it for a blouse.

So the choices for the top to wear are a turquoise silk with lace over it, or a coral silk with lace over it.  Both colors go through the jacket.

So I can whip up the multi colored one 

 I love this boucle fabric weave in turquoise, but I will admit the weave was uneven, so I was asking for trouble.

The boucle pants went together with it perfectly.  I double tied two scarves and put a fused glass pin on the knot.  The accessory pins were a gold and coral bee and a green glass turtle.

and you may remember the leopard print dress jacket and scarf that matched:

I had to pull in the leopard print on Saturday and wear the green and coral print on Sunday... now I need to sew up that palm tree dress and the light green jacket for Monday.

So I bought these bargain button bags from work.  They are filled with miscellaneous buttons for $4.00.


I figure the buttons look like wheels and I can embroider pins that look like bicycles with micellaneous people, frogs, butterflies on the bicycle seats and have a funny group of pins.

I am also going to make a small scarf to put through a circle on a frog pin to send to my cousin.  So, I will put on a show and do the little hand embroidery and re cut out the back of the jacket.

The jacket sewing will be quick, and the dress is cut out so that ought to be quick too.  That will have to be for Monday, because I think I have to make a jacket to go with it because it is an odd group of colors around the palm trees.  That is why I have the back up leopard dress plan.

Remember.. You can wear something different everyday of your life when you sew.  Make combinations that can mix and match.  Sew Simple and then when you do it over and over again you will become fast and efficient at those items.  Start with many scarves.  Use different details on the scarves... tube, tubes with slanted ends, serged, rolled hem sides.  Make short small ones that you can pin as an accessory or long ones that you can make infinity type scarves out of..... less than a half yard or 3/8 yard.   

 Then move on to a simple jacket pattern you like the cut off.  Maybe free flowing like my latest likes or kimono style and make a white, a black and a red.... then move on to different colors...

then skirts...  less than a yard of fabric.

then pants.....

then shirts.....

Make many of one thing and perfect your timing... then move on to the next... Your closet will make you happy to go out even to work!  You will feel good about yourself.

To see miscellaneous groups of things I make or have made you can put www.sewingwithkitty.com  in your address line.  This is a wide variety of things just to give you more ideas.  In the mean time I will sew these things and then update this blog with these new pics.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Blouses, Jackets, Dress and New Stash

The Blue silk blouse has sleeves sewn, over the head cowl neck scarf, front to back, so the rest is easy.  Jackets pieces hanging there to be sewn.  New stash is in the washer getting prepped for cutting.  So, yes I got sick for a few days.  I try to stay away from germs but it is hard in a store where both the other employees could make your sick or the public I love.  I hear a cough, a sneeze or a sniffle and I am on the other side of the room as fast as I can.....BUT sometimes those germs catch you.   I had some kind of cut throat sore throat and then it went to a dizziness and fever.  So I just laid low for a few days and I didn't even sew.   OMG I must have been sick.  Now I will be a house of fire.  So I will post the pictures as I complete.

So, this is actually a separate cowl neck scarf from one pattern, 
blouse that buttoned up the back changed to putting front and back on fold and cutting from the neck down the middle back and making a boat neck to be an over the head blouse with the long sleeves from another pattern.

I decided it was too delicate a material for me to do the cold shoulder sleeve tops.

This will be paired with this:
Now on to the Palm Tree dress that is cut out and the jackets that are next to the sewing machine. 

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Silk Blouses

It's Sunday....Well, I would like it to be my day of rest, but I have to work so you can come buy fabric.....for YOUR creation!

So, it is 6:40 AM

I have to be at work at 11:00 AM... let's see if I can do this silk blouse to go with this jacket and wear it to work.

  The silk will be the silk as in this scarf

This was the jacket from:



Blouse Body Cut on Folds and slashed 3 inches down center back with bias strip folded over to make an over the head boat neckline.


  I am using this pattern and adding long sleeves from

Butterick 3131

Cowl Neck Scarf From

Wish me luck and come see what I have on today!

The G Street Fabrics way for sure