Friday, August 25, 2017

50th High School Reunion

50th High School Reunion


Decided to go I think

Today will be sewing all day and I will go over to the Treasure Hunt Room to find what I will make for the big weekend....

to wear to the Meet and Greet... Touring the New Old High School and.... The dinner dance....

LOOK OUT.... here I come! I must have a little Glitz and Glamm.....   It's been 50 Years...

Welll....  Convenience Store Manager.. became switchboard operator... talked into Assistant Manager for a bank.... Went to work for the Government Budget Office.... Back to Private Industry... Managing Sewing Stores at night and Accounting in the daytime....(making draperies on the side)... back to banks accounting department and then.... became Realtor... for 36 years.... Broker - Appraiser - Taught Professional Continuing Education to Realtors... Retired and back to Fabric Store.... 

Lived in many houses starting 1970..

The top was raised and Dutch roof added to give room for master bedroom walkin closet and expand bathroom

# 4 was built after visiting Williamsburg... 5 fireplaces... beamed ceiling in 40 ft kitchen with brick floor and beautiful brick floor front porch- swings or bench at every end both porches-3 car garage 

 I replaced everything in this house... I have now downsized to non homeownership.  These windows were beautiful casements with beveled edge diamond shapes cut in them.

House on the Water

The View

AND many more after this... but this was my bucket list house

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