Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Summer Lycra Dresses for the Beach Etc

Plain white jacket and sleeveless drape dress with matching scarf out of chiffon... All from the Treasure hunt room at 2.97 yard... and from the Matte Jersey Print table there are many others.... for print dress and solid tie jackets for the boardwalk chilly walks

The dress is a combination of a drape neck blouse from a Butterick Pattern and I extended it using the bottom part of the dresses below that most suited me and I did it in two parts as if it was a skirt sewn to the top so the seam was at the waist..




Come and touch and feel the fabrics

 Shrug can be short or long...  I like long for me, but little cuties might like the short tie shrug...

Pattern tie jacket and facings only turn unders and topstitch.... easy simple fast...  I did raise the boat neck and widen the back as I was using for work also.

 This pattern has a bias strip around arm holes and neckline..

Hangs very nicely... Also makes a great tank top

Regular Jacket for Workplace..... Comfortable but more businesslike