Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Made Dress and Jacket Before Work


These cardigans are getting really fast.  Only turning under the edges and top stitching... Front pieces

Back Piece on Fold and then Sleeves.... No facings...   Got it down pat how to fold the top edges of the front for a self facing and then after doing the Jacket, I pulled out the dress material from a bin and just cut out the front and back on the fold and zip ...zip.... no facing just turn under the neckline and top stitch..... done... Okay, I did the earrings first as usual... out of the dress material....

 Earrings to motivate me to do it... remember covered buttons of any size without the shank can be made to earrings by gluing an earring back on... pierced backs and clip backs are available at the store in the button area.... and pin backs if you want to make a pin with the same fabric as background and add little items..

Scarves were a little different today... I took the edge like I did on the blue cotton gauze jacket and on the orange scarf turned the selvage out so it made a fringe around the scarf... I took the same fabric as the jacket and just cut a strip of the leftovers and made a tube with the ends slanted and did the same a little shorter on the dress fabric so I could layer them as an accessory with my usual crazy little pins pinning them to the cardigan so it could flow with the cardigan as I walked.

I thought the little fringe around the orange scarf would add a little something and make it stand out as a separate scarf from the jacket.  Got a couple of compliments and made it all right before I went to work.

and of course I work Some bangles that were orange and black and gold with a couple of faux tennis bracelets...

I really don't like to work, but I love dressing up!.... come see me at G Street Fabrics in Rockville...   I have 'time' for you...

if you come by ask me if I have 'Time' for you, that is a whole nother adventure..LOL

So outfit of the day on Monday!   Orange was the color of the day..

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