Thursday, August 10, 2017

Inspiration for the Day!

Thank You for Coming to the Store!

I love it when someone notices an outfit I wear and my matching earrings and feels inspired.  I am quite ordinary pushing 70 years and need all the inspiration I can get.  This makes me appreciate inspiring someone else, as we all need something to look forward to doing, or going, or being.

I have a bucket list like anyone else of things I will probably never have happen.  On my bucket list there are things that I can make happen, but the little things are what get me up in the morning and doing something that will make me smile all day.  So for you who made me feel good when you met me, I am doing this blog of Inspiration.

First a picture of a typical start of inspiration of the day:

 So, yes I post slogans on my wall to inspire me.... and

I have a little round table next to my bed.

 I made a tablecloth of my favorite first thing of the morning..... COFFEE


I added some placemats to protect it from random glue drops, scratches and 'coffee'.

Everyone needs a pair of needlenose pliers that also have a cutting edge in the inner middle-preferably a little toolbox with random tools for making tiny things when you don't have time for the large ones... a coffee pot(got mine at the thrift store)... earrings ... some out of fabric so you will make the outfit out of the rest of the fabric....  maybe a pair you got off of ebay that matches fabric in a bin to make you use that fabric... An old dead watch that you glue a pinback to and wear as a joke for the day-this one happens to be a barbecue at THE SIMPSONS watch.....  I don't watch the simpsons... Just one of many dead watches I bought in a box so I could make pins out of them...

A coffee mug that when you drink that first cup of coffee says MAKE IT HAPPEN...  You can make your own coffee mug say whatever will make you do what you want.... go to and make your own Inspiration.

Yes.  First a CUP of coffee.... perusal of my STUFF and make something... even if it is small.... I am still on an outfit a day.... I have to be at work at 12 noon or 1:00  Till 9:00 or after ----   Most days. 

Those were yesterdays inspiration!  

First make the earrings!

Those were... matching the jacket... matching the shirt... I made both and here it is...

Picked these Earrings to wear... Then made the shirt...


So I made this cardigan and this shirt and went to work.  Unfortunately I only bought was was there of this blue gauze and it was not enough to do the sleeves to this jacket so I Banded the sleeves putting the raggy selvage out on the banding edge... thanks to those who complimented my improvising.

The shirt or blouse was my usual drapeneck pattern with a little length like a longer. 

If I can find a strip or two strips I can sew together, I make a scarf such as this one...  sew together make a tube and sew the end in a slant... I sew the tube using  an opening in the middle so I can flip it fast and I don't even sew the opening closed, it will be at my neck in the back....pssssst don't tell anyone!

The day before I had a piece of Navy eyelet,  also not big enough, but wanted a jacket so I folded the pattern in at the front so I could fit it on and shortened the length by 9 inches....  Here is what I got!

 I made only the eyelet jacket before work this time, I had the navy pants and the shades of blue earrings and shirt with infinity scarf needing the matching jacket!

Nothing to do-need socializing? instead of just coming to see me at G Street Fabrics... Go to and put in your interests and find a group to go to dinner with or discuss books with or even sewing...   or just come by G Street and see what is new in the 'Treasure Hunt Room'

Okay, you might not want to be this person...but- at one time I actually led a meetup group.  I was meeting a group of strangers for an internet meetup group in a Panera - so what better way?  How many purple hat chicks would they find?....  The dress and scarf was one of my creations and this was a kayaking group so I temporarily hand tacked some little plastic kayaks on the hat- yes, matching earrrings of the same fabric.

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