Thursday, August 24, 2017

Caffeine Queen Sews Again


I woke up in the middle of the night...

Decided to blog myself back to sleep.  Couldn't find the USB photo loader, got the material out and then got tired moving everything around to find the loader and laid down and went back to sleep.

Now I am up for the morning.... Filling my mug and

First I have to make my mum a shirt to go with a pair of comfy baggy pants I made her.... Yeah,  the little blue flower one worked, so I am going to use that pattern again because it is quick.

So here goes, the morning job.

Cut out and sew mums shirt.... then I have a pair of pants (tubins) next to the sewing machine... so I will definitely get those done.  I am going to cut out a  lightweight white sheer type cardigan and a silk blouse for me... (to wear to work)                                      going going

Made the shirt... Made the pants...

Lovely gray suiting type material - pants 2.97

Lovely Gray and Black Silk for Blouse

White Sheer Textured Unstructured Cardigan

I wore this Saturday... all from the 2.97 room.

3131 Drapeneck and Tubins' plus Scarf and white popcorn knit cardigan.......and a few pins...


Thursday I wore this...

My closet brimmeth over...

And it has earrings to match... pick yellow or blue and yellow earrings- and don't forget your bangles

Everything mixes and matches... This was dark blue and yellow.

This was another standby dress pattern... no facings, but a tiny strip of fabric sew to wrong side and brought over turned under and top stitched to give the armholes and neckline a small trim....  Quick and easy... Simplicity 2189  and Standby Cardigan....Butterick 5045

Shortened Cardigan..

Yes... I use patterns... been known not to, but I love them.. once fixed to fit you have quick and easy for life

Want a certain style?.. just keyword search Google or Etsy or Ebay ... lots of free shipping... inexpensive and quick for you..

Just stop by 12220 Wilkins Ave Rockville, MD 20852 USA

get some fabric from New York for just 2.97 a yard... Donna Karan...  Ralph Lauren...  Calvin Klein... Yep they are all in there periodically.... Just Dive In to the Treasure Hunt Room 

Who else is reading this?

 I love to see who is reading..

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