Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pins Plus

A butterfly pin-cross stitch with metallic thread and daisy button earrings.

IF you are wondering where the background for this web blog could possibly be, that is a kayaking picture I took at Back Bay Bungalows on Turville Creek accross from Ocean city.  The views were just beautiful sunrise to sunset from my kayak.

A series of pins with a base of chiffon circle flower and a center of novelty theme.

In this case a sewing machine for the avid seamstress.   Flowers in a series of colors.

Centers themes or antique style buttons that appear as center of flower.


Clear cabochon pin series with cross stitch themes or animals.   In this case a kayak w/paddle.

 A number of rooster cabochons will be available.



This is a needlepoint series, different frames, needlepointed or petti-point flowers with no cabochon covers, slightly raised.  In this case frame has pearls surrounding.  This is really a vertical pin, but for some reason the picture wants to show horizontal.


Novelty themes on framed ovals.  This one is Runs with scissors, as I often do.--mini scissors and spool of thread, plus a beveled bead drop enhance a piece of black minky background.


Another novelty sewing theme on framed oval. Tiny buttons, spools, scissors, and sewing machine set up to sew will entertain any sewing enthusiast.

Another Sewing Machine pin-cross stitch

A cloth satin stitched and outline stitch fabric siamese kitty pin

Sewing Basket with Patterns Scissors and Fabric


Sewing Tools pin

This pin is in the throes of making-not really determined if it will be fringed around the edge or delicate lace. Felted back with bar pin back.  This is a series of hoop pins.


 I also love this sewing scissors pin!

  General Fused Glass

This is a slightly rounded abstract square tile, which can be used as a paperweight or a coaster.  It is heavy.

This is a rounded enough to make a candy dish. It is fairly good size and sometimes it is a catch all for putting my coffee or hot chocolate on next to my computer so I don't have any liquid spills on my small table.

Fused Glass Pins 

This is a blend of dichroic glass and a floret pin.


This was a precut dragonfly that melted into a shape and left a little ball of black so I glued them together to make a bow.

         This is  bits of glass-glassfrit and broken tubes fused in an oval mold.


        This is a free form fused glass oval with variety of bits fused together

           This is a fused dichroic glass and florets in small heart mold.

Heart Mold with dichroic squares in Turquoise 

I love the colors in this blue pin


       This is a cut glass hummingbird fused for the rounded head and beak look!

Tote Bag- Have Tote Will Travel- To the Beach...To the Beach

Having a Day Off-  Lazy Days Pin for the Summertime!
Yep it's me in a swimsuit I made.. at the Beach!-Teeny Tiny Me

Are you getting this theme.... BEACH is where I want to be!!

 Sewing Supplies Pin
Coffee and Tea Party Pin 

Very pink and blue as is the dress-and some purple in the dress.


This is the color of my dress I am wearing today.  The background is friendly plastic and a tassel I had in a box of things to make things with...

I made a bracelet out of friendly plastic to match.

I made covered button earrings and finally got the dragonfly to fuse so it looks like a dragonfly(I think)

I will post the dress and dress pattern on Kittysews

Miscellaneous Earrings

   Glass seed beads in lantern tubes added to pierced rose gold self locking hooks.