Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Outfit Early Holiday

I found this great fabric in the Treasure Hunt Room late one night and no one else picked it... Everything as Gold glitter...and the pants (my favorite Tubins') have Poinsettas on them in gold...

It really was flashy and I wore my new Coat also from the room and  I felt like a million bucks

You need to visit G Street Fabrics...The Treasure Hunt Room for amazing Bargains... Loaded on Friday and Sat AM and sometimes on Thursday..

Cost for Total Outfit....

Cardigan 7.50, glitter shirt 5.50, poinsetta pants 3.40 and Coat with insulated lining and reversible...(waterproof) 15.00  and I got enough to add up to 50 so I could use the 10. off of 50 coupon...  2 outfits, a third pair of pants and a coat. for under 50.00 

The top will have added Black Chantilly Lace for me to wear it again (wore the morning I made it) and it will look like a different but even more elegant outfit with the black lace over the yellow and gold glitter shirt...  Sundays outfit...

Right now I am making a red lace Cardigan to wear with my black lace tunic and my bright red pants tomorrow and a jacket (black sheer with metallic thread) and pants (white with black spider web thread overlay) for my coworker who always looks out for me.

Scarves with matching earrings for all my lady relatives, and matching wrapped bangles.   SEW SEW SEW.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Quick Holiday Dress

Hard to see the Glitter in this sweater knit but I loved it -Silver Metallic thread throughout.

Paired with a Jacket-Cardigan made out of Red and another glitter scarf from the 'Treasure Hunt' Room at G Street fabrics.

I felt Really Holiday Atmosphere!

Quick Sweater Dress...

Favorite body pattern... raised neck a little... and added long sleeves- Put both front and back pieces on fold cut and sew dress part done..

Sleeves from this pattern have already been adjusted to the length I like... cut and sew sleeves... quick and then inset into dress....

The separate cowell neck scarf is fast and easy and usable by itself but with the dress I felt flashy...

1.  Did Earrings out of glitter sweater knit

2.  Did Cowell Neck scarf

3.  Inspired to do the quick Dress....

4. Put in the earrings... put on the dress.... put on the scarf..|add a flashy already used Bright Red Cardigan with another glitter material straight scarf... and go to work.

With my new fur trimmed raincoat on over it....THE BOMB... LOL

Friday, December 15, 2017

Retirement, sewing for fun and money?

I have to seriously think about my future-or finish...

This is where I want to get..I still want to sew everyday...It is supposed to snow today, and I have to finish my coat so I can wear it.  Other than that it is my day off.  Sew Sew Sew

Oh and to Sew with a view! 


2018 GOALS

Friday, December 8, 2017


Adding Fauxfur trim to bottom and cuffs

Todays Tasks- Day Off

Cut Out the Coats....  Suede Sherpa and Raincoat 

                                      and sew one cardigan


Well, It Snowed after I had cut out the lining and the jacket.   Planning on making the lining and the Raincoat and just sewing the two together... it was cold and my son said it was snowing and I had to go to work... I didn't want to get freezing wet cold... so I quickly put the lining pieces together and wore the lining... MY BAD..... LOL

Raincoat Material ... Cut out and ready...

The Lining all cut out and soooooo warm looking but light as a feather

Well, I put pockets in it like the raincoat will have... and made it with the hood..

The Lining was soooo light and fluffy... I couldn't resist with the idea of cold wet snow...

I used the faux Fur that was the trim for the suede sherpa coat and had a scarf --- so so soft and put that around my neck under the lining coat..  

I will make the coat tomorrow and sew them together...  BUT THIS WORKED...  It was snowing Big Flakes...OKAY So sometimes I just have to wear things before they are totally finished.

Lining as it fits inside of the Raincoat

Raincoat before inserting insulated pockets and attaching belting and then the Insulated Lining itself...

Remember there is only a front ( two pieces that make the hood and front of coat) and back and sleeves.... QUICK PATTERN -adjustments were extending the bottom to a straight bottom a little longer than pattern, and making sleeves roomy and straight without the cuff as in pattern plus adding pockets to raincoat and lining so it could be reversible if wanted.

Insulated Pockets for raincoat

ALL SEWN Lining IN COAT and Pinned around edge....???  I want it reversible... Pockets on both sides, but I want a waist Band... Soooo, I have to sew both Waistbands on at the same time... This will Be TRICKY.. Because it is puffy with this insulation and I can't baste because it is rubberized and that pokes holes.  Soo, Fur Trim Option.

This is Inside out... I kind of like the lining.. Like a ski coat

I pinned it together the way I have to sew it so there is just a top stitched edge, but it will make a trim if I make it reversible on the inside... But since I want to make it reversible... I am thinking maybe fur, especially around the hood

The decision now is  Waistband with wide elastic in it in the back or just a belt where I can overlap the front and tie..

Waistband to have wide elastic in it and go from seam to seam in the back and then tie or overlap at front of Coat or hook or grommets with cord

Wide Non Roll elastic in Belting and then D Rings

Used D Rings on the end of the belting to just pull it through... and both sides have pockets so it is reversible....Silver or Dark Brown

Of COURSE, then I will need a Black Fur Scarf... Will have to buy some fur, with the coupon this weekend.... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME...  I think I might need another half a Yard.... I only got 3/8 and I am thinking to trim the sleeves and the whole jacket with about 2 inches showing on inside and out.... DONE

SERIOUSLY?  Reading MY Blog?

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Quick Pants... and Tops

Just did a pair of Quick Pants-20 Minute Tubins

This is how they are shaped... one pattern piece... using 1 + yard of fabric 54-60 wide folded over... stretchy like scuba

No, I don't have a cutting table.  I use my bed.  That is my bed with double sided minky as my blankets-No excuses.  I don't have a sewing room or table.  I do have a sewing machine over 20 years old on a little table in the corner next to my coffee pot and my guitar.  YOU CAN DO IT!

I buy enough non roll elastic to do 10 pants at a time.  I cut them into waistband lengths and sew the circle.

I don't like to take the time to pull elastic through the casing.  I make the casing over the elastic.  I leave an opening in the front of the casing about a half inch so I can tell the front from the back and if I need to adjust the size.

This is the pattern with the legs cut baggier than leggins - hence tubins.   I use a quarter inch seam and use an overcast stitch as I do not have a serger... Saves time and my pattern is already adjusted to my size and length.

Did the Earrings before anything... Jacket is cut velvet ... already cut out and ready to sew... and I have a black glittery top with lace yoke that I think will look smashing with this burnout cut velvet.

This Jacket out of the Cut velvet burnout- inches shorter for the pants look

Raised the neckline by using the Lace to make a tunic lace overlay for the bodice..

Sleeves and underlining with sweetheart neckline was glittery black under the black stretchlace and the scalloped bottom of the lace was an 1.5 inch longer length than the underlining.

This top body with black gittery fabric and sleeves and only overlay of black stretch lace over the bodice like a tunic top of lace with the neckline raised slightly higher than this pattern.

I used the bodice from this top to make the lace overlay and the sleeves from the lace top pattern but extended them to the wrist.

YOU GO GIRL!!!!  Happy Birthday Suit to me!!!