Sunday, August 13, 2017

Outfits a day and still Sewing

Yes, I might not blog every day but I am still sewing:

I made earrings out of the dress fabric and wore some red and black bangles... Got a few compliments out of this, so it seemed to work-Made the red cardigan right before work!

This outfit I had the pants (20 minute Tubins) and The shirt Cotton batik with machine embroidery around tunic top, sleeves and bottom edge - made the cardigan before work this day - see raglan edges on sleeves?- ran out of fabric piece that came from 2.97 'Treasure Hunt' Room... so I banded and put the selvage out so it looked like I did it on purpose.  Scarf of same material... intertwined two scarves added rings and beaded bracelet on scarf tie for accessorizing.  A little over the top but got compliments all day!.. Must of worked or just looked ridiculous!

Okay... I liked this one... made the cardigan before work added to outfit already made...

I like it better on the hanger for you to see...

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