Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Making a Cape:

Making View A Hooded Cape out of Slicker fabric and Pre lined ski coat Lining Material....  Maybe a detachable fur collar to match my scarf that I already have and fur lined pockets.

Total Process of making the cape:

link to sewing process of cape <---

Just to let you know, I am not soooo on task.   It stopped snowing/raining, so I didn't make the slicker, but it was cold.  I had some leftover stretch suede from a crazy vest I had just made and I made suede Gloves instead, because my hands were cold and I didn't have any gloves.  It has been cold at work, so I decided I didn't want cold hands all day.  Anyway, that is my excuse for changing projects at hand....

After being worn all day, cutting material... LOL

       They match my suede sherpa coat, which I wore part of the day too... and the right hand I cut without the middle fingers so I could cut well and the rest of my hand be warm... Great for driving control too LOL.   I used a satin zigzag stitch so they could be close fitting and move with me...

Glove pattern     Link   Free PDF from 'So Sew Easy'

This took 2 5/8 yards for each side so it would be reversible= at 2.97 a yard.... 7.80 for each side of this cape... essentially 2 raincapes for 15.60.....   Couldn't get that in the store... or could you?

Slicker to Dark Brown Ski Coat Type Cape

Reversible to Lining Side

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dresses with Different Jackets-Different Looks

This same dress with  different Jackets and without the scarves is so different.
I still have to make some scarves, earrings are already made..

and .... a little Glitz

This was a quick scarf... as I made jacket right before work, but scarves can be of the same material or alternate with silks and contrasting colors.

I bought the material for both of the jackets at the same time I bought the dress fabric.  All from the 'Treasure Hunt Room'.

alternating the black and pink scarves on the jackets in layers make a big difference to me between a custom outfit and just ordinary.  The accessories can bring all of it together, just like decorating a room or a house.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Suede Sherpa Backed Simple Hooded Coat

Love this Suede Sherpa Coat

I did a little improvising on the Pattern... Sewing the Seams out, trimming to 1/4 inch and then top stitching as I did each seam... put pockets in the side seams, doubled them with the sherpa out so I could flip the coat if I didn't want the suede out for any reason

When I wore the coat today I used the scarf I had made from leftovers..... TOASTIE

Pattern used with some improvising... Mine is reversible and pockets in side seam with sherpa topstitched seams.

Simplicity Pattern number 8467

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Suede Sherpa Vest From Coat Leftovers

This was a quick and easy Vest Made from the leftovers of the Suede Sherpa Coat with the Hood

The Scarf is just a long leftover strip from the side of the scraps that was the perfect size to roll and keep my neck warm.

Simplicity 0679 Vest I added 2 inches in length so it would extend Past my Tunic Tops

I tried a no sew tie vest quick-sew pattern with some stretch ultrasuede, but it was too floppy.  I didn't like it..  It was wonderful fabric, I should have made the pants that I had in my mind when I bought it.  Oh well, wasted 2.97.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Royal Kitties Throws

Here is one of the Royal Kitties Throws I Made in the past Few Days

This is before it is quilted-Royal Blue Minkie with Pre-shrunk cotton print on the front...

Quilted with Vertical Channels the width of the Royal Kitty Beds and folded over blanket stitched and mitered corners.... Even I am Jealous....RFLOL

 Pardon the Camera Handle...OOPS


I expect the kitties to LOVE it!... I love minkie- DONE

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