Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Baggy Pants with Pockets- Cotton Knit

These have narrow elastic 2 rows loose and Tie with Pockets.... Comfy

Cotton Knit from the Treasure Hunt Room at G Street Fabrics


Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Well, I finished the Sock Monkey Quilt

and tonight....
Monkey booties
Monkey Bib
Monkey Diaper Cover.......  Yeah!  Tune back in tomorrow
Cuddle Cloth Minky.....

More Monkeys on the other side.....

and I just have to finish these...

 I think I will change the ties to Red and white Polka Dots 
and do the same iwth the bib, plus change the face on the booties to more like Sock Monkeys

I decided the monkey face on the booties was okay....changed the ribbon to red and white polka dot
forgot to cut out the diaper cover.....

Now I just have to do the Totes.....

So I decided to make one Princess' Toys,  one is Little Diva (hairbands and Booties, Little Black dress)  and one that is BOOKS.... One for Sock Monkey things..... and One for MAMMA

The Bigger Sock Monkey is wearing the booties and the Bib with the Monkeys on it! 


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trying to do all my Grandchildren UFOs and Gifts at Once!!!


I have not be able to sit down and sew in over three months...  I am making up for lost time.  I stopped in at work three times now.   First in my walker on the way home from the 1st doctor recheck.... Then I went by again.... and I stopped yesterday on a busy busy Sat. and I walked around the store without my walker or a cane.... I even tried working for about 15 minutes or a half hour, but I felt it right away..

No BLT.... Bending Lifting or Twisting.   Well, that didn't work.  Five minutes on the button wall, and that was all they wanted.... Bend in the glass cabinet to look at some trim..... Lift the boxes out of the wall or twist around and get that special button... HEY I know when to cut my losses.... So I left.

Now I really wanted to go today, but... I decided to wash all the baby materials and makes some things...

I already made a billow for one of the grand daughters....

Instructions on Billows... <---      

I have done three, but I did an all nighter the other night when I was so excited about sitting down.

Soooooo   I finished that and it is soooooooo soft...

So I prepared last night to lay out some of the baby things to have for next weeks baby shower....
Yep, I am so excited... another baby grand daughter.....   PINK PINK PINK


So... At least one pink gingham check with pink flannel back - Burp Drook and Tinkle
Of course, it will have a Kitty face embroidered on it with burp drool and tinkle on each piece of the set.   I will have to finish this tonight...
 I didn't take the last set of pictures.... but the changing pad had a large crown machine embroidered in the center, and the big I put a piece of elastic to hold it on accross the top, lace on the bottom and
hand cross-stitched princess accross the bottom.

I thought it was useful and cute enough.

I made a red minky changing pad or floor throw, and a little dollie for babys first doll that had a hand embroidered face and hair with a smile and sleeping eyes, for babys sleeping dolly.

I had a pair of Mary Jane Shoes on the list.....  This picture is not very good... I finished one and now I am going to finish the other... I think they are darling... The fabric is a kind of faux pleather... shiny platinum almost gold looking and I added black ties and lots of lace!....

 So the shoes I am doing right now are the middle ones with the lace, only the ties are black.
This is Simplicity Pattern 1710.

I am currently hand lining these with some soft black single sided minky.

I am going to do the Kitty ones to go with the Burp Drool and tinkle set and a Diaper cover with
a kitty accross the back end....

I added opalescent sequens on the the edge of the top of the bootie.  I made sure all was soft to the feel.  I am going to line the inside with some white flannel.

I am just going wild...  I have a sock monkey quilt partly sewn...
 Just the corner has a banana on it....  Okay, it is a little puckery... but I am a little handicapped and the shower is Saturday..... Sooooo.... The baby will like it!... It is super soft!...

 The quilt backing is super soft tooo and more Sock Monkeys... plus a Sock Monkeys Have Issues book and a baby and full size Sock Monkey...................     Okay, I thought I was gonna die!  Pardon ME...

 and  I made some monkey booties, If I can just find where I put one of them.....YIKES...  Okay, I am a mess...

 I have so many things on my list of todos...

I washed the pink minky to make a pink boppy with blue pedals on  it.......

and and and...   I have to make some little snap onsies..... and some baby wraps..... on and on....

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Miniature House

November 10,2016

Well, I have given up on my little dreamhouse..... but  I made a teeny tiny cozy room...
still in progress...but you get the feeling

Thats the Journal of Impossible Things...on the marble toffee table.. it can be read

Wine and Cheese anyone?...  Chocolate Chip Cookies... with a cup of tea?

Still have to put the windows in and wallpaper the walls... Then plant the garden.

A teeny tiny work in progress for someone who would appreciate it.... HAHA


Here it is finished... pictures of real house gardens etc, cover the outside of the box.

Note Picture is real picture reduced on the wall between

to the side is a real leaded glass door picture reduced to make a  way to exit the room

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Totes for Trip

Okay, this is also on  But I thought it was worthwhile...

I love looking at my totes lined up on the floor with each category of clothes in them

As I packed for my vacation I forced myself to make a tote and pack it with like kind items,

Personals-haircare etc


Dresswear for boardwalking or Restaurant eating

Pjs and sleepwear

Casual Jeans etc...

and Kayaking bag for onboard the kayak

Here's how the menagerie of Packed Totes looked when I put them in my bungalow as I arrived

Ya Gotta Love this Dragonfly material!

This Shell Material was cool too and I tried to put nice contrasting linings.... This one was the dresswear and the pocket is for jewelry that matches the shirts or dresses.

The one plain on the outside bag was my Jeans and Jeans Jackets, but the inside was a lovely green vine... 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gifts, or DooDads for you!

So what to make?

Got a friend that likes to cross stitch or hand sews a lot?... what do they need?

How about a minkie bag of embroidery thread... this one is drawstring and all my embroidery thread is in it.... well maybe not all, but what I need on hand to do my little pins...  That is a machine embroidery Paw appliqued on there!

Well I am Queen of my jungle of thread and doodads


Does she have a chateline?.... you can use a cathedral window tiny block and make a pocket out of it with velcro closing and put a needle threader in it and a thimble or two... and use either a measuring tape or measuring tape ribbon velcroed around the handle of a pair of thread snippers...

This one has a wrist scrunchie with a strip of lace, so you can attach it to your wrist where you won't loose it...

You can decorate your little pocket with machine embroidery or whatever.... as my little mummy face looked like he needed some hand stitching, I put him in the center.

OR you could make armchair embroidery pockets  to put your current project in so when you are watching a movie you have your embroidery you are working on with a needle ready

 This one has some little drawstring pants and a pair of overalls handsewn on one side with a gingham bow, and the other side of the pocket is done with aida cloth and family members are cross-stitched on the pocket for fun....

the center is stuffed so while you are sewing you can drape over the arm of the chair or sofa and put your pins and needles in it.

Another thimble and needle threader and a cylinder of needles are in one of the pockets ... the other pocket has a mini project in it....

Ready for hand sewing... great little gifts.

 Here is another Project in Progress..... For my wall of inspiration

Maybe I don't finish my big quilts... but possibly I can finish these mini-quilts and inspire myself to finish the big ones...

There are 4 in different stages for different people right now...

and my infamous I spy prototype quilt... 


A big mug of coffee makes this blogging possible!


  And the pictures I take and put on the mug keeps me smiling while I am drinking my coffee and blogging!

You could make mugs... or Clothes with the things you love... or what your friends love!

And may you have some coffee and have as much fun as I!

Happy Projects!!!! May I inspire you to finish yours!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pins Plus

A butterfly pin-cross stitch with metallic thread and daisy button earrings.

IF you are wondering where the background for this web blog could possibly be, that is a kayaking picture I took at Back Bay Bungalows on Turville Creek accross from Ocean city.  The views were just beautiful sunrise to sunset from my kayak.

A series of pins with a base of chiffon circle flower and a center of novelty theme.

In this case a sewing machine for the avid seamstress.   Flowers in a series of colors.

Centers themes or antique style buttons that appear as center of flower.


Clear cabochon pin series with cross stitch themes or animals.   In this case a kayak w/paddle.

 A number of rooster cabochons will be available.



This is a needlepoint series, different frames, needlepointed or petti-point flowers with no cabochon covers, slightly raised.  In this case frame has pearls surrounding.  This is really a vertical pin, but for some reason the picture wants to show horizontal.


Novelty themes on framed ovals.  This one is Runs with scissors, as I often do.--mini scissors and spool of thread, plus a beveled bead drop enhance a piece of black minky background.


Another novelty sewing theme on framed oval. Tiny buttons, spools, scissors, and sewing machine set up to sew will entertain any sewing enthusiast.

Another Sewing Machine pin-cross stitch

A cloth satin stitched and outline stitch fabric siamese kitty pin

Sewing Basket with Patterns Scissors and Fabric


Sewing Tools pin

This pin is in the throes of making-not really determined if it will be fringed around the edge or delicate lace. Felted back with bar pin back.  This is a series of hoop pins.


 I also love this sewing scissors pin!

  General Fused Glass

This is a slightly rounded abstract square tile, which can be used as a paperweight or a coaster.  It is heavy.

This is a rounded enough to make a candy dish. It is fairly good size and sometimes it is a catch all for putting my coffee or hot chocolate on next to my computer so I don't have any liquid spills on my small table.

Fused Glass Pins 

This is a blend of dichroic glass and a floret pin.


This was a precut dragonfly that melted into a shape and left a little ball of black so I glued them together to make a bow.

         This is  bits of glass-glassfrit and broken tubes fused in an oval mold.


        This is a free form fused glass oval with variety of bits fused together

           This is a fused dichroic glass and florets in small heart mold.

Heart Mold with dichroic squares in Turquoise 

I love the colors in this blue pin


       This is a cut glass hummingbird fused for the rounded head and beak look!

Tote Bag- Have Tote Will Travel- To the Beach...To the Beach

Having a Day Off-  Lazy Days Pin for the Summertime!
Yep it's me in a swimsuit I made.. at the Beach!-Teeny Tiny Me

Are you getting this theme.... BEACH is where I want to be!!

 Sewing Supplies Pin
Coffee and Tea Party Pin 

Very pink and blue as is the dress-and some purple in the dress.


This is the color of my dress I am wearing today.  The background is friendly plastic and a tassel I had in a box of things to make things with...

I made a bracelet out of friendly plastic to match.

I made covered button earrings and finally got the dragonfly to fuse so it looks like a dragonfly(I think)

I will post the dress and dress pattern on Kittysews

Miscellaneous Earrings

   Glass seed beads in lantern tubes added to pierced rose gold self locking hooks.