Friday, October 20, 2017

Sewing Sewing Jackets, Dress, and a Teeny Tiny Bit of Ribbon and Button Embroidery, Books

Have to do it all!....

Okay, it is late, but I am confident I can squeeze out at least a jacket, to wear to work tomorrow.  I did the pants... I will post them.  I did them before work yesterday, but they were a stretch boucle,  a beautiful color of turquoise.  Since they cost less than 3.00  I will wear them once and maybe never again.  I cut them out late at night with a bright yellow pair and apparently I made the fabric off grain.  This means because of the way these tubin pants are that the inside seam of the leg will hang crooked.  I think I can grin and bear it at least one day at work because the color is so pretty and people won't see it behind the cutting table.  I feel like wearing a pretty color tomorrow, so I will finish the jacket that is multi colored.  I did the sleeves and hem of the sleeves and when I went to sew the rest on before work I couldn't find the back piece.  I have more, so I will probably cut another back and if I find where the lost back piece slithered to I will use it for a blouse.

So the choices for the top to wear are a turquoise silk with lace over it, or a coral silk with lace over it.  Both colors go through the jacket.

So I can whip up the multi colored one 

 I love this boucle fabric weave in turquoise, but I will admit the weave was uneven, so I was asking for trouble.

The boucle pants went together with it perfectly.  I double tied two scarves and put a fused glass pin on the knot.  The accessory pins were a gold and coral bee and a green glass turtle.

and you may remember the leopard print dress jacket and scarf that matched:

I had to pull in the leopard print on Saturday and wear the green and coral print on Sunday... now I need to sew up that palm tree dress and the light green jacket for Monday.

So I bought these bargain button bags from work.  They are filled with miscellaneous buttons for $4.00.


I figure the buttons look like wheels and I can embroider pins that look like bicycles with micellaneous people, frogs, butterflies on the bicycle seats and have a funny group of pins.

I am also going to make a small scarf to put through a circle on a frog pin to send to my cousin.  So, I will put on a show and do the little hand embroidery and re cut out the back of the jacket.

The jacket sewing will be quick, and the dress is cut out so that ought to be quick too.  That will have to be for Monday, because I think I have to make a jacket to go with it because it is an odd group of colors around the palm trees.  That is why I have the back up leopard dress plan.

Remember.. You can wear something different everyday of your life when you sew.  Make combinations that can mix and match.  Sew Simple and then when you do it over and over again you will become fast and efficient at those items.  Start with many scarves.  Use different details on the scarves... tube, tubes with slanted ends, serged, rolled hem sides.  Make short small ones that you can pin as an accessory or long ones that you can make infinity type scarves out of..... less than a half yard or 3/8 yard.   

 Then move on to a simple jacket pattern you like the cut off.  Maybe free flowing like my latest likes or kimono style and make a white, a black and a red.... then move on to different colors...

then skirts...  less than a yard of fabric.

then pants.....

then shirts.....

Make many of one thing and perfect your timing... then move on to the next... Your closet will make you happy to go out even to work!  You will feel good about yourself.

To see miscellaneous groups of things I make or have made you can put  in your address line.  This is a wide variety of things just to give you more ideas.  In the mean time I will sew these things and then update this blog with these new pics.

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