Thursday, October 26, 2017

Button Pin at Work

Sew, I am getting old and tired....

I only got the pin made and a scarf and some sleeves, so I just wore the scarf with a mix bag of outfit pieces...

The scarf was something I got out of the Treasure Hunt Room and kind of sheer... so I cut out the sleeves and scarf and just made the scarf...  finished the pin...

So it looked like this... combined with a yellow lace lined blouse to pull the yellows and reds out of the scarf... and a pair of navy tubins I had made with a Navy eyelet free flowing cardigan.

And a reminder for quilters....  Quilting on Minky looks so good:

Laminated Cotton Bag with quilt

  Easy Shrug No set in sleeves, just hem half yard and fold sewing just the length of the sleeve for kimono style shrug.  Just drapes itself on you.

Gift set- 2 shrugs and lapquilt in laminated bag

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