Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Blouses, Jackets, Dress and New Stash

The Blue silk blouse has sleeves sewn, over the head cowl neck scarf, front to back, so the rest is easy.  Jackets pieces hanging there to be sewn.  New stash is in the washer getting prepped for cutting.  So, yes I got sick for a few days.  I try to stay away from germs but it is hard in a store where both the other employees could make your sick or the public I love.  I hear a cough, a sneeze or a sniffle and I am on the other side of the room as fast as I can.....BUT sometimes those germs catch you.   I had some kind of cut throat sore throat and then it went to a dizziness and fever.  So I just laid low for a few days and I didn't even sew.   OMG I must have been sick.  Now I will be a house of fire.  So I will post the pictures as I complete.

So, this is actually a separate cowl neck scarf from one pattern, 
blouse that buttoned up the back changed to putting front and back on fold and cutting from the neck down the middle back and making a boat neck to be an over the head blouse with the long sleeves from another pattern.

I decided it was too delicate a material for me to do the cold shoulder sleeve tops.

This will be paired with this:
Now on to the Palm Tree dress that is cut out and the jackets that are next to the sewing machine. 

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