Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Buttons into Pins

So I really just lazed yesterday....  I want to go ziplining, but my back is still not so strong, so I am hesitating.  I spent the day lazing around, not really thinking about sewing, but playing in the new button stash.... arranging different pins.
I decided to make Tricycles and put different animals on them....
Note the Streamers on the handle Bar from my ribbon embroidery ribbon..LOL
The helmet button came from the bag - the wheels and the basket...

I think he is cute... I just have to decide on a background fabric that will go with a lot of things and I will stitch the Aida cloth to the background fabric and put cardboard as a support, maybe some batting to give dimension to the background and a pin back... 

Remember my bag of buttons for $4.00..?

I saw wheels when I looked in this bag.

So I have to do this now, if I want to wear it, and quick sew up a new shirt so I have something new and different to wear with my new pin.... LOL

2 and half hours till work...

This one is for tomorrow.... so I haven't done the embroidery yet.... but just laid out possible designs.

I might just do the bikes by themselves and make some felting butterflies for them to land on the seats..... That will be food for thought tonight!.

Now back to sewing.... will post what I make today tonight.....

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