Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Coat Making - Warm Blanket Style Quick and Easy


In the Past:

I love this pattern.. Made it Reversible
This was the Second Coat 

One side of Leopard Coat is Black Minky Quilted and the other side is double sided Brown Minky with the Leopard Print Polar Fleece as an Accent

The first:

Only Parts of the black side are quilted- I just thought it would be nice effect on the collar and carried it to the side fronts and back pieces before constructing the pieces together.

Reversed to:

The diagonal line quilting was done by quilting each piece to a flat batting before sewing the two sides together... black side is quilted so it gives a nice quilted collar

with a scraps scarf... This is minky and Polar fleece combo


The next picture on this blog with be a suede coat using the same pattern with some differences

When you look at the back you can see how I reversed the pieces to do contrasts... I did two coats by sewing two coats and then using a binding and some quilting on the collar to give it stability.

This is the Best Collar in a Snow Storm - People Tested

I took the scraps and made a Minkie Scarf too.. LOL-That is the red quilted thing accross the collar in the last pictures.

Yesterdays Sale Coupon was 30% off one item, so the suede sherpa was my one item... and I figure I can make a long coat and it will be half price of what it would cost in the store and I can make the details something special for me.

It is my day off, so I have to cut out 1 dress 2 jackets, have a pair of pants cut out, and the suede coat... I have a little embroidery to do on my grand daughters books.

Go Kitty... Go Kitty!  All these new clothes without using gas and I can watch netflix at the same time...

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