Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Outfit to Make?

Sew, finally got the palm tree dress and pale green jacket off the sewing lamp of things to do.

Sew, I had draped the cut out pieces accross the lamp arm with the green jacket so I couldn't ignore it.
I got up and forced myself to sew it together before I went to work on Monday..... So, here is the outfit - and as usual I made the earrings out of the palm tree fabric so that I would feel guilty not to finish.

The usual simple dress out of pattern  and added the sleeves from another pattern as it is getting colder... a strip made into a scarf... and looked in the whatnot box and found a parrot and a quilting pin that seemed to go well with the colors...

This is cross stitched quilt squares on aida cloth with a miniature sewing basket hanging from the middle
At the last minute I picked up the parrot and made a pin out of it
Parrot Pin

Now another day off and I only have some bright yellow tubins cut out hanging there... so what's next...???  The next blog will show!

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