Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Greens on Greens with Silk

Sew, slightly overboard...

I love this silk blouse

Sew for work I  Made a new Taffeta Scarf and paired it with Different shades of green that were in this blouse and some lovely shiny scuba 4 way stretch tubins in a rich shiny deep green...went crazy with the pins  Cat pins... fused glass... selvedge edge chrysanthimum flower pin.... for this effect

The scarf ring is gold and green fused glass

Different scarf and Pants-Different effect - Sheens


Don't Forget the matching button covered earrings...

Rich Green Chiffon with Gold Metallic Thread Running through it

Fused Glass on one side - selvage edge flower on the other

Crazy cat pins and fused glass ring on scarf knot

Different Textures with Many Different Shades of Rich Green

Blouse from G Streets 7.97 Silk Bin... All other fabrics came from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at G Street...Hate working but love having all the different fabrics to wear at an inexpensive price.

This all started with the scarf of Deep Glass shiny Green Taffeta-Have to make something when I buy fabric or I have to stop Buying.. No matter what the price-JUSTIFY...

So, tonight I bought a suede backed with Sharpa for a new Coat... I am soooo Cold...  This will be a Kwik Sew Pattern... I think it was...  It was cold tonight...

Next Blog..  Warm Blanket Coat Making

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