Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Silk Blouse Redid the Sleeves

Remember the Upside Down Sleeve... Fixed
Seam Ripped out the sewing seam and the finishing overcast edge... yes.. I was speeding.

 Remember Earrings First same stripe... Did the Scarf... Browns and Beiges in my Bangles and Bracelets....

Actually had a Gold Butterfly Hair Tattoo on my Hair
A pin that was a cross-stitched Sewing Machine with a cabachon glued on to magnify the stitching... an my cat pin with the butterfly on the paw and a butterfly pin with a bee.. and some miscellaneous

Get Your Groove On.. Sew Those Clothes and Accessorize... Tomorrow is my day off and I believe I will be making a Smashing Suede Sherpa Coat and Some cool Faux Fur Accessories.... - Ya Know...

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