Friday, November 10, 2017

OOOPS! Don't Do This

Well... Good Enough to work in a Warehouse..LOL

Well I put on my Button Earrings... My Bracelets and was deciding to do the silk Blouse with the stripes and make my Reddish Brown Tubins.  Blouse was cut out.. hanging over the lamp next to the sewing machine... Cut tubins.. sew.. 20 minutes.. put them on... Blouse... made sleeves.. made body of blouse... ironed interfacing on back facing... Time closing in..... almost done.. put the sleeves in.... oooooooooops... finished one sleeve and finished the edge trimmed... YIKES... IT WAS UPSIDE DOWN... I have never done that before... NOW at night I will have to spend sewing time Seam ripping the sleeve off and trying to save a beautiful bias cut striped Silk Blouse

Haste Makes Waste 'They Say'  -  It was Sewooooo Lovely I was too excited.

Had to do a quick save... find another blouse of the same colors...(not silk)  matte jersey print... used beige free flowing gauze cardigan... matching scarf to matte jersey print..

Matching button chiffon flowers at the top of scarf...

Accessories... Cardigan gauze scarf over Print scarf.. with 

Chiffon selvage flowers with Button in Center from 4.00 Button Fancy Button Bag...

I Thought These Buttons Looked Great in the middle of the Chiffon Flowers...

If You Use a Large Safety Pin to put the Buttons in the Center of Chiffon Flowers-You can Interchange Centers with the Same Set of Flowers.."Just Sayin"

Earring Backs on the Same Button as Flowers...

I Love These Buttons as Earrings-Just Glued the Earring Backs onto the Buttons... No Shank on these to remove.

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