Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day Off Revamp Dress

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Dress pictured is this dress bottom half and top is the bodice of this shirt that I love:

I love these colors... Revamping this dress.. I can no longer go kayaking, so I have to feel like I am beaching..

Quick Fix... Sleeves from this to Sleeveless dress

A beautiful turquoise Flowing Unstructured Cardigan made today that can be worn and make me feel like I am at the beach.  Excess from the parts to be short shrug, and additional scarves... will be the chiffon of same print, a turquoise and one from this matte jersey for scarf layering.

By end of day, 3 cardigans and 2 pants, maybe 2 simple blouses.

Patterns for jackets, and pants- 

I use this pattern for simple tops... Raise neckline, and use regular sleeves, straighten sides for simple tunic style and add slits...  Sometimes Lace Yoke and sleeves... and different variations.. such as lace on front yoke only and solid back and sleeves.... or just lace yoke front and lace sleeves..  If you use these exact sleeves and bodice, you must have stretch.

This is my favorite cardigan jacket, shortened 6 inches and lengthened sleeves.  My favorite jacket for over pants and dresses.  I use the top for a tunic top with regular sleeves added and mid between these two lengths but raised the neckline.  It does not have to be stretch and has darts.  No facings on Jacket or top so it is quick.  Pants are nice with matte jersey, quick pants simple elastic waist.

these are the 20 minute pants I have in every color using mostly 2 or 4 way stretch fabric I find in the 2.97 room...  takes one pants length - A girl can't have too many 20 minute pants-- Just widen the leg part so it doesn't cling and you have your comfy but professional looking slim leg pants...

Any simple leggin pattern should work... fitted top to pants with elastic waist but loose legs to look like more professional pants.

Fill Your Closet then

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