Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Clothes-Gifts-Embroidery-Day Off


Click here for yardages for outfits

Today-Finishing the Binding on the Baby Book

'Old McDonald Farm' Music Box attachment

EIEIO and Tie Through Grommets or Buttonholes

Finish Hand Embroidery on Books

Machine Blanket Stitching Pages, and Outline quilting areas Still needs some Hand Embroidery But Should end up like this

Cloth Binding with Gold Grommets for Ribbon to go Through

Back Page is Lime Green Bumpy Minky and I will Hand Embroider 'THE END'

A Little Hand Embroidery and Quilting on Pages and Book is DONE...

Sew Some More Butterflies and Flowers in Ribbon Embroidery or 'Stumpwork' On Scarf

Cut Out 2 pairs of pants and Sew both
Pinned On... 

Takes 20 Minutes to Sew One Hour-2 pairs of Pants-
Gold and Burgundy

Cut Out 1 or 2 Cardigans- Sew 1
One set of Scarves Made-Burgundy

Burgundy Floral-Gold Cut Velvet

Cut Out 1 or 2 Pullover Tops- Sew 1

Dusty Rose and Yellow

Do Thanksgiving Shopping and Go to Post Office

Did Not Do All Sewing on Clothes... Still have a hour before work...?  I made a scarf to go with a previously made shirt -jacket -and tubins...  Will do others later tonight while cooking.

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