Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DAY OFF Challenge - What to Do? So Many Choices...

Suede backed Sherpa and Faux Fur Trims, Scarves, Mittens?

The Long Coat in this pattern, maybe the Faux Fur on the collar, and bottom and cuffs, a scarf... and maybe Mittens and a Hat - if enough
I have some ultrasuede that I can make fringe from and had to collar

I am Going to try to do some butterflies and flowers in ribbon on this scarf!

Old McDonalds Farm Book... Music Box Dilemma... Hand Sewing...  Most Pages Put together

I think I can get the hand sewing and embroidery done, and I have most of the minkie backs cut out... I changed in Midstream, so Some will be changed because I got more Colors.

I believe I am going to put eyelet holes or grommets-another decision and then Ribbon Tie the Pages together.  More Pages can be added that way.  Completely Washable and I think I will make a separate page for just the Music Box so it won't have to go into the wash.  

Still working on the hand sewing before the machine stitching starts..

First Machine Embroider on squares,

Second Flat Batting
Third Machine Washable Stabilizer so Pages won't be too floppy
Fourth -Soft Minky in Different colors for the Back of the pages..
Fifth  is Hand sewing minky matting with mitered Corners...
Sixth finish any embroidery of words you want to add to the pages
Seventh make crazy attachments to pages with just stabilizer in them so you can do Grommets...
Eighth - put Grommets in and tie with Ribbon to allow adding pages to the book when you want to add words to learn.

This is the progress so far... in step Five:

Not as Fast As I Thought I Could Do This one... working working...

I am going to Embroider something regarding Cousins on on this watch face and I thought it would be hilarious to go in my cousins fun box.  See all the cousins from our family tree on her wrist.....LOL  Here it Is:

This was from Dead watches I bought in Bulk on Ebay.... I thought this would be fun for the cousin who does the family tree..... Ha... A Bracelet representing all us couz's

I am making this dead watchface into a pin in the center of a yellow chiffon flower to go with my jacket tomorrow.  It has flowers on it.

The biggest job is cutting out the coat and deciding how to add the trims etc.  - The other projects are small, and I already know what I am wearing tomorrow, just have to set up Thursdays outfit.

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