Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cardigan, Blouse and cutting in twos

I have filled my coffee cup.

The plan is to cut out two blouses at a time.... Both are silk, so I will be using lots of pins.
I use the long quilt pins because they are easier to work with.   I usually use as few pins as possible as I am usually in a hurry.  Today, I will have to use lots of pins because I am going to cut in pairs the shirts(blouses) and Cardigans.   The pattern is for a long cardigan-free flowing, but very fast to sew.  The shirts(blouses) are going to be my favorite drape neck pattern out of silks.  And if I have time before sewing-I will cut out one pair of gray pin striped tubins and , of course, scarves to accessorize all outfits, not to mention earrings.   Let's see how well I do today!.....

This blouse pattern has been altered for me adding to the drape and I usually do long sleeves.

This pattern I will use the cardigan, but I shortened it by about six inches so it is long and drapey, but it is still free flowing.  I pinned two at a time of the cardigan cover up.


These will be with tubins'-pink and fuschia tubins' are already made and hanging waiting for the coverup

I folded up the pattern pieces 6 inches on the bottom of the cardigan or Cover up

So you can see I pinned the pattern piece on two fabrics- one fuschia(looks purple here) and one light pink gauze.

Everywhere there is a Circle or dot...I clip so I know where it was to match.   This is particularly helpful when doing inset sleeves.  There are usually two notches (one single and one double) and 3 dots that where I put a clip.  When insetting the sleeve you match the notches and the center top clip and sometimes you have to do a little pull on your basting to match the clips from the sleeve to the clips on your shirt pieces.

 I took a sleeve from another pattern that I already knew where the length would be correct for a long sleeve and laid it over the three quarter sleeve piece to this jacket so I would be able to cut it correctly to length...

The gauze was narrow and the fuschia was wide, so I folded the gauze in half end to end when I got to doing the wide front piece and could lay the sleeve piece beside it.  The back piece was pinned on the matching fold when folded vertically.  This could be a problem if you have a nap or vertically directional print.  In this case I could pin and cut two at a time doing this type of folding.

Here is the outfit as intended.  The coverup over a draping blouse and Fuschia tubins'.




Now the Pink Cotton Gauze Coverup and then the blouses. 



The silk blouse is so light colored I will have to make a tank to go under.... Next Post... Multiple pants and blouses 2


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