Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yardage for Your Creations


Remember old unused patterns can be found by searching Google-Etsy-Ebay or the pattern company itself by Pattern number and name of Vendor- or search a style.  Most times they will ship immediately and you get in a couple of days.  When GStreet has a sale as now the Summer Sale everything is 25% off including the patterns-just not the 2.97 room or the silk at 7.97.

Well, when you ask I tell you to wrap yourself in the fabric and you can tell if you have enough, BUT.....  Here are some yardages from my pattern stash. No facing, uses strip of fabric like a bias turn under. 

 Simplicity Pattern 2189 Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear

Simplicity Pattern 2189... This dress yardage is  1.75 for smallest size (32.5 inch bust + 34.5 hips) and 3 yards for the largest size (50 inch bust + 52 inch hips)


This McCalls Pattern Tie Jacket is simple to use as shrug or just a jacket to have with your sleeveless dress at the beach for on the Boardwalks

McCalls M6559

Dress Yardage   1.75 6-14 to 1 7/8 for 16  2 5/8 for 18 2 7/8 for 20 3.25 for 22

Jacket Yardages

Shrug style 1 yard 6-14------- 1 1/8 to1 3/8 16-22 

Regular length Jacket (my favorite to pack) 1.5 to 2 yards


So Little People 3 yards total for Beach Dress plus tie jacket

My People 4-5 yards for total outfit.....but so fun....

Mix your Printed Matte Jersey with a Solid Jacket that goes with your 3 or 4 dresses..... YOU GO GIRL  Beachy Gracefulness..... 


Long Sleeved Draping neckline Blouse.... LOVE THIS 

Usually this is what I wear with my Poly Poplin Suits and Tubins'

I accessorize with the leftover by making a scarf and covered button earrings

for Drapeneck blouse - Yardage 1 3/8 to 1 5/8 yds 60" wide fabric

1 7/8 to 2 3/8 for 45" wide fabric

Poly Poplin Suit with one of my blouse scarf sets... (poly poplin is only 5.98 yard and 60 inches wide)  take 25% off for Summer sale and be like me ...have 16 suits of solid colors in my closet.... some skirt and pants with jacket...

Pencil style skirt... elastic waist and kick pleat in back... the amount of yardage is the length you want it... don't need more than a yard. 60" wide fabric

Have a suit of every color for the working woman looking professional.

Yardage for suit Jacket and Skirt typical  

A plain unstructured body curve jacket like this Jacket M5668

2 yards for A and 2.5 yards for B plus yard for your skirt...

60" fabric... 3 to 4 yards for a nice little suit


Every Working Womans wardrobe should have a Black Jacket and a White Jacket to go with all their pants and skirts.


This top is easy and cute... I did have to raise the neckline.

Yardages 5/8 of solid 5/8 of lace  or 1.25 60"stretch

Simple pants stretch or cotton - elastic waist

1 5/8 to 2 3/4 60"wide  2 1/8 to 2.75 for 45"  

The SIMPLE SKIRT WITH FLOW elastic waist

2 1/8 to 2.25 60" wide or 2 1/8 to 3.75 45" wide fabric 


1.5/8-2 1/8 60" wide or 2 1/8 to 3/1/8 45" wide

 Long -Short - Rounded or Pointed lapels - pocket flaps with or without pockets

Add covered buttons to flaps for accent

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