Wednesday, June 21, 2017

T shirts and Spaghetti Strap Chemise


I rode my exercise bike while I dried my hair with the hair dryer and drank 1 33.8 fl oz bottle of water.  

Match that!


So yesterday I made a T - shirt to wear under the Pink Silk blouse.  The material was some heather pink ribbing.


There is a pattern for a Tank in a number of the patterns I have previously posted.  The tank I used was from KWIK SEW  K3701  Calls for 7/8 of a yard of fabric

  I had bought the pattern for my daughter and she made drop crotch pants out of the pattern.

In this pattern you just cut out front and back sew the top straps together and then turn under the edge a quarter inch and I used a blanket stitch to sew it.   [\   The stitch kinda looks like that.  I thought it
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worked well with keeping the edge flat and not stretching out the ribbing knit.  The bottom I turned under quarter to 3/8 twice and did a straight stitch and then a blanket stitch over it.

This is the bottom hem regular stitch and then blanket stitch to flatten.

The side seam done with a zipper zigzag stitch at 1/4 as I do not have a serger and find this to work in my garments.  When I use the other stitch that I use on seams I will do a closeup.   This T-shirt material worked for this.

I have worn this once.  I am a 38 Triple D, so my clothes are never small.

Just the blanket stitch was used on the neckline and the arm sleeves and turned under 1/4 inch stitched on top...

For me I wanted to tuck in the T shirt and then feel comfortable in my tubins if I reached up at the store while working.  Worked for me.

Tonight I will do a spaghetti strap Chemise from some extra slippery silk I have to wear under my silk blouses.  I don't particularly need one now, but it is more for a demo and then backup.

Today I cleaned out my closet and pulled out all the hateful metal hangers and plastic hangers and put in mostly the black velvet huggables.  This way I could stack all the outfits together on each hanger and not have 3 hangers for a blouse pants and Jacket or a blouse skirt and jacket.  It was supposed to look better and give me more room, but I have made so many clothes the last two months I am going to have to go back to just sewing for the baby. 

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