Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sewing Blouses on the Day off! Multiples

I am going to use my favorite Drape neck for a few Blouses that match tubins' I made this week..

I have a new blouse pattern to use for some silks and I am going to see if I can find a little bed jacket pattern or create something to be made out of some silk I have here.

All the fabrics came from the 'Treasure Hunt Room' at GSTREETFABRICS or the silks came from the 'Silk Novelty Bin'  at 7.97.

I just finished working on the new website which will feature any pictures GStreet Customers want to show off using GStreets' Fabric.

If you have been inspired and made something from GStreetFabrics material that you think worthy to show off- send me a picture

Let me know at the store and I will make sure you have the right email to send it.

This is from the 7.97 silk bin... it is a little different... The back of the shirt is a cotton stretch that was in the same print... The scarf for an accessory I made out of the silk so it was light and flowy.   There was not enough of the silk so it was great to find the same print on a cotton.  Both were pre-washed as I do all my material when I get home from the store and before I cut out the pattern.  This was Butterick 3131 with added fabric on the bottom of the blouse and a little slit on each side to wear over tubins', or skirt.

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