Monday, May 29, 2017

Onward... Sewing a Blouse before work... Earrings and scarf

So, I have to work, it is Memorial day Holiday.
Button earrings out of the same material
Scarf was a silk in both of these and they help me push through to the finish line... sometimes I lay out a bangle or pin or two...  Most often I wear a Black or white blazer that enunciates the scarves and gives a place for my lapel pins and name tag at work.

I am making earrings..blouse and scarf.  Wearing Tubins already made.  Pics after work..

This is my motivational blog Blurb before work.  I must do it.


YES, I did make something every day since I wrote this little blurb.

I did a silk shirt after I wrote this one... Made earrings and a scarf.

The next day I did another silk shirt and earrings and scarf.

and Wednesday I did pink Tubins....

These Tubins were thrown in the chair after work, and all it would take to smooth them out again is throw them in the dryer for a few minutes.... They are four way stretch

This is Thursday...  So, todays task is pink cardigan and pink and white shirt to go with the pink tubins...   It is 6:20 AM... I have soaked my feet and am going to put the coffee on.  We will see how far I get.  And those pics will be on the next post.   Right this minute I will insert pics for the above creations.
So the pink one will be on the order of the yellow one... remember that one?

The pink material is cotton but a gauze so it should be wispy like this one... tubins instead of baggy pants... and the top will be a silk of pink and white.... so on to the next blog post..

Remember... I live in a cellar, basically no windows... just my fake one. and   you can see in the top pic... where I am hanging clothes on the cinderblock wall, I faked  a closet under the stairs put up temporary remote lights and that is where my guitar, coffee pot and sewing machine all reside.
Don't use no space for an excuse...  I use my bed and sometimes a card table for a cutting table.

It is about motivation, inspiration and goal setting.  Can't never did anything.   There is a world of possibilities out there if you have coffee.... and a breath of life.

Don't forget accessorizing...  Earrings to match-a bracelet or necklace adds a ton of motivation also.

My goal is to make all these clothes and then either teach sewing lessons, or sell readymades and get myself a teeny house.   So, Goal Setting is important.   Right now, I am just making an outfit a day before work and  enjoying life, as much as I can.

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