Friday, December 1, 2017

Quick Pants... and Tops

Just did a pair of Quick Pants-20 Minute Tubins

This is how they are shaped... one pattern piece... using 1 + yard of fabric 54-60 wide folded over... stretchy like scuba

No, I don't have a cutting table.  I use my bed.  That is my bed with double sided minky as my blankets-No excuses.  I don't have a sewing room or table.  I do have a sewing machine over 20 years old on a little table in the corner next to my coffee pot and my guitar.  YOU CAN DO IT!

I buy enough non roll elastic to do 10 pants at a time.  I cut them into waistband lengths and sew the circle.

I don't like to take the time to pull elastic through the casing.  I make the casing over the elastic.  I leave an opening in the front of the casing about a half inch so I can tell the front from the back and if I need to adjust the size.

This is the pattern with the legs cut baggier than leggins - hence tubins.   I use a quarter inch seam and use an overcast stitch as I do not have a serger... Saves time and my pattern is already adjusted to my size and length.

Did the Earrings before anything... Jacket is cut velvet ... already cut out and ready to sew... and I have a black glittery top with lace yoke that I think will look smashing with this burnout cut velvet.

This Jacket out of the Cut velvet burnout- inches shorter for the pants look

Raised the neckline by using the Lace to make a tunic lace overlay for the bodice..

Sleeves and underlining with sweetheart neckline was glittery black under the black stretchlace and the scalloped bottom of the lace was an 1.5 inch longer length than the underlining.

This top body with black gittery fabric and sleeves and only overlay of black stretch lace over the bodice like a tunic top of lace with the neckline raised slightly higher than this pattern.

I used the bodice from this top to make the lace overlay and the sleeves from the lace top pattern but extended them to the wrist.

YOU GO GIRL!!!!  Happy Birthday Suit to me!!!

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