Friday, December 8, 2017


Adding Fauxfur trim to bottom and cuffs

Todays Tasks- Day Off

Cut Out the Coats....  Suede Sherpa and Raincoat 

                                      and sew one cardigan


Well, It Snowed after I had cut out the lining and the jacket.   Planning on making the lining and the Raincoat and just sewing the two together... it was cold and my son said it was snowing and I had to go to work... I didn't want to get freezing wet cold... so I quickly put the lining pieces together and wore the lining... MY BAD..... LOL

Raincoat Material ... Cut out and ready...

The Lining all cut out and soooooo warm looking but light as a feather

Well, I put pockets in it like the raincoat will have... and made it with the hood..

The Lining was soooo light and fluffy... I couldn't resist with the idea of cold wet snow...

I used the faux Fur that was the trim for the suede sherpa coat and had a scarf --- so so soft and put that around my neck under the lining coat..  

I will make the coat tomorrow and sew them together...  BUT THIS WORKED...  It was snowing Big Flakes...OKAY So sometimes I just have to wear things before they are totally finished.

Lining as it fits inside of the Raincoat

Raincoat before inserting insulated pockets and attaching belting and then the Insulated Lining itself...

Remember there is only a front ( two pieces that make the hood and front of coat) and back and sleeves.... QUICK PATTERN -adjustments were extending the bottom to a straight bottom a little longer than pattern, and making sleeves roomy and straight without the cuff as in pattern plus adding pockets to raincoat and lining so it could be reversible if wanted.

Insulated Pockets for raincoat

ALL SEWN Lining IN COAT and Pinned around edge....???  I want it reversible... Pockets on both sides, but I want a waist Band... Soooo, I have to sew both Waistbands on at the same time... This will Be TRICKY.. Because it is puffy with this insulation and I can't baste because it is rubberized and that pokes holes.  Soo, Fur Trim Option.

This is Inside out... I kind of like the lining.. Like a ski coat

I pinned it together the way I have to sew it so there is just a top stitched edge, but it will make a trim if I make it reversible on the inside... But since I want to make it reversible... I am thinking maybe fur, especially around the hood

The decision now is  Waistband with wide elastic in it in the back or just a belt where I can overlap the front and tie..

Waistband to have wide elastic in it and go from seam to seam in the back and then tie or overlap at front of Coat or hook or grommets with cord

Wide Non Roll elastic in Belting and then D Rings

Used D Rings on the end of the belting to just pull it through... and both sides have pockets so it is reversible....Silver or Dark Brown

Of COURSE, then I will need a Black Fur Scarf... Will have to buy some fur, with the coupon this weekend.... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME...  I think I might need another half a Yard.... I only got 3/8 and I am thinking to trim the sleeves and the whole jacket with about 2 inches showing on inside and out.... DONE

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