Sunday, December 17, 2017

Quick Holiday Dress

Hard to see the Glitter in this sweater knit but I loved it -Silver Metallic thread throughout.

Paired with a Jacket-Cardigan made out of Red and another glitter scarf from the 'Treasure Hunt' Room at G Street fabrics.

I felt Really Holiday Atmosphere!

Quick Sweater Dress...

Favorite body pattern... raised neck a little... and added long sleeves- Put both front and back pieces on fold cut and sew dress part done..

Sleeves from this pattern have already been adjusted to the length I like... cut and sew sleeves... quick and then inset into dress....

The separate cowell neck scarf is fast and easy and usable by itself but with the dress I felt flashy...

1.  Did Earrings out of glitter sweater knit

2.  Did Cowell Neck scarf

3.  Inspired to do the quick Dress....

4. Put in the earrings... put on the dress.... put on the scarf..|add a flashy already used Bright Red Cardigan with another glitter material straight scarf... and go to work.

With my new fur trimmed raincoat on over it....THE BOMB... LOL

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