Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Outfit Early Holiday

I found this great fabric in the Treasure Hunt Room late one night and no one else picked it... Everything as Gold glitter...and the pants (my favorite Tubins') have Poinsettas on them in gold...

It really was flashy and I wore my new Coat also from the room and  I felt like a million bucks

You need to visit G Street Fabrics...The Treasure Hunt Room for amazing Bargains... Loaded on Friday and Sat AM and sometimes on Thursday..

Cost for Total Outfit....

Cardigan 7.50, glitter shirt 5.50, poinsetta pants 3.40 and Coat with insulated lining and reversible...(waterproof) 15.00  and I got enough to add up to 50 so I could use the 10. off of 50 coupon...  2 outfits, a third pair of pants and a coat. for under 50.00 

The top will have added Black Chantilly Lace for me to wear it again (wore the morning I made it) and it will look like a different but even more elegant outfit with the black lace over the yellow and gold glitter shirt...  Sundays outfit...

Right now I am making a red lace Cardigan to wear with my black lace tunic and my bright red pants tomorrow and a jacket (black sheer with metallic thread) and pants (white with black spider web thread overlay) for my coworker who always looks out for me.

Scarves with matching earrings for all my lady relatives, and matching wrapped bangles.   SEW SEW SEW.

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