Saturday, June 4, 2016

Totes for Trip

Okay, this is also on  But I thought it was worthwhile...

I love looking at my totes lined up on the floor with each category of clothes in them

As I packed for my vacation I forced myself to make a tote and pack it with like kind items,

Personals-haircare etc


Dresswear for boardwalking or Restaurant eating

Pjs and sleepwear

Casual Jeans etc...

and Kayaking bag for onboard the kayak

Here's how the menagerie of Packed Totes looked when I put them in my bungalow as I arrived

Ya Gotta Love this Dragonfly material!

This Shell Material was cool too and I tried to put nice contrasting linings.... This one was the dresswear and the pocket is for jewelry that matches the shirts or dresses.

The one plain on the outside bag was my Jeans and Jeans Jackets, but the inside was a lovely green vine... 

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