Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Well, I finished the Sock Monkey Quilt

and tonight....
Monkey booties
Monkey Bib
Monkey Diaper Cover.......  Yeah!  Tune back in tomorrow
Cuddle Cloth Minky.....

More Monkeys on the other side.....

and I just have to finish these...

 I think I will change the ties to Red and white Polka Dots 
and do the same iwth the bib, plus change the face on the booties to more like Sock Monkeys

I decided the monkey face on the booties was okay....changed the ribbon to red and white polka dot
forgot to cut out the diaper cover.....

Now I just have to do the Totes.....

So I decided to make one Princess' Toys,  one is Little Diva (hairbands and Booties, Little Black dress)  and one that is BOOKS.... One for Sock Monkey things..... and One for MAMMA

The Bigger Sock Monkey is wearing the booties and the Bib with the Monkeys on it! 


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