Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gifts, or DooDads for you!

So what to make?

Got a friend that likes to cross stitch or hand sews a lot?... what do they need?

How about a minkie bag of embroidery thread... this one is drawstring and all my embroidery thread is in it.... well maybe not all, but what I need on hand to do my little pins...  That is a machine embroidery Paw appliqued on there!

Well I am Queen of my jungle of thread and doodads


Does she have a chateline?.... you can use a cathedral window tiny block and make a pocket out of it with velcro closing and put a needle threader in it and a thimble or two... and use either a measuring tape or measuring tape ribbon velcroed around the handle of a pair of thread snippers...

This one has a wrist scrunchie with a strip of lace, so you can attach it to your wrist where you won't loose it...

You can decorate your little pocket with machine embroidery or whatever.... as my little mummy face looked like he needed some hand stitching, I put him in the center.

OR you could make armchair embroidery pockets  to put your current project in so when you are watching a movie you have your embroidery you are working on with a needle ready

 This one has some little drawstring pants and a pair of overalls handsewn on one side with a gingham bow, and the other side of the pocket is done with aida cloth and family members are cross-stitched on the pocket for fun....

the center is stuffed so while you are sewing you can drape over the arm of the chair or sofa and put your pins and needles in it.

Another thimble and needle threader and a cylinder of needles are in one of the pockets ... the other pocket has a mini project in it....

Ready for hand sewing... great little gifts.

 Here is another Project in Progress..... For my wall of inspiration

Maybe I don't finish my big quilts... but possibly I can finish these mini-quilts and inspire myself to finish the big ones...

There are 4 in different stages for different people right now...

and my infamous I spy prototype quilt... 


A big mug of coffee makes this blogging possible!


  And the pictures I take and put on the mug keeps me smiling while I am drinking my coffee and blogging!

You could make mugs... or Clothes with the things you love... or what your friends love!

And may you have some coffee and have as much fun as I!

Happy Projects!!!! May I inspire you to finish yours!


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