Tuesday, September 5, 2017


OKAY, the agreement with myself was sew an outfit a day!

Yes, I have been.... but

I decided to go through the bins that were not labeled.


I have almost bought some of this fabric more than once...

I say almost because... well, the truth is.. at only 2.97 a yard, if I have 2.97 I would spend it.

It has been fun, but the rude awakening came tonight as I was cleaning.  I live in a space not even a room, and I don't have a closet, I made a wall next to the open staircase coming into the cellar with a big piece of black vinyl when there was a sale.  I put a roll away pipe cart under the stairway and it has two pipes-upper and lower... IT Is FULL

I have  poly poplin suits in every color with matching blouses.... and some have skirts and pants... yet... an outfit a day..  TUBINS in EVERY COLOR IMAGINED....

I love this black lace print silk Cardigan


So... what am I missing?   TIME AND SPACE

No, you are not going to believe it, but I MADE TIME!

Everyone always says to me... I don't have time - like you...but

Did you ever think how much time you throw away... I did


I made a scarf-vestment style of all the time others threw away...

 So Don't Throw Your Time Away... Use it!!



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