Friday, September 8, 2017

Glitter and Lace - and Something Ordinary but Colorful

So,  Here I am drinking my coffee

I was way too tired to do anything last night... I have to be at work at 1:00 PM...

Past Blues on Blues

I need to make my glittery top with some lace sleeves and a yoke...

BUT for today I work.. I see a different kind of blue for a free flowing cardigan, and

I need to make these palm trees before the warm weather has disappeared... so I must cut out fast and zip through  the machine as fast as I can - we will see if I can obtain my goal.   I am not due to wear the glitter and lace until Friday Night.   I think I am doing more Glitter for Saturday night, but I haven't determined what I will do for Saturday morning. ...... and we mustn't forget something spicy to get me through tomorrow at work... I think I will cut out 2 cardigans at for today and one for tomorrow.  Day off


Eh   Next... Cut out the two cardigans... threw this outfit together

Cut out Silver Glittery dress--- totally unplanned but it was there...  So.. I will sew the two cardigans, glittery dress and glittery black top...

Okay, I got lazy on these pictures....  I have packed the closet area... well an outfit a day does make a lot of clothes...  I went to target and got big wreath hangers and hung them on the wall around my closet area and my sewing machine.  I hung a shoe bag filled it with my crocs... and then in no time the hangers on the wall were full.   There must be 10 to 12 outfits on each of the hangers now.

An outfit consists of  pants-shirt-cardigan-scarf.... or dress-cardigan-scarf... sometimes I throw a necklace on the hanger that seemed to really spice up the outfit...

my bracelets are stowed by color coordination in boxes....

 Pretty bangles and bracelets are stowed in flower boxes that match the fabric bins and labeled for color-make earrings- put on earrings, put on bracelets... sew-iron- put on outfit and off to work.

Back to sewing so I can post the next four outfits... put one on and go out!  Packed Weekend planned.

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