Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Free Flowing Cardigans

The benefit of cutting out multiples you always have something there to sew....

I have to be at work today... but I have a couple of cardigans cut out... so I am going to sew one and wear it.

 Started with my Earrings.... Fabric of the cardigan

Pattern.. Pants...adjusted legs to tubes on Simplicity 9597

A little over a yard of fabric 60" wide 4-way stretch for pants

Pattern...Cardigan...Butterick 5045 shortened jacket 6 inches

around 2 5/8 yards 60" wide for cardigan-I usually round to 3 yards for scarves and jewelry type accessories.

Scarf strip of fabric folded over the width of the fabric and slant sewn ends... Under scarf regular rectangle.

It makes me feel better about going to work.  I just have to drink this cup of coffee and push myself over to the sewing machine.... because life goes on.

 Love this material (4 way stretch Tubins) for the pants.. soo comfy with a little sheen... who can beat it- pants for 2.97

Pulled a strip of the multi polyester special printed chiffon table that is so sheer and lightweight like silk from the bottom for the scarf... and added an under scarf from my scarf hanger...

I love this poly chiffon - so graceful and light..and the colors.

My clothes brimeth over... but it keeps me happy going to work.. otherwise... I just want to pull the covers over my head.

And just as an aside... I did go to the reunion, the old high school and then OMG to the dance... and I DANCED like I was at the old High School Teen Club.... 52 years ago  haha

 Here is the other Cardigan, I wore with the silk scarf and bright blue tubins.  I couldn't make up my mind as to what style the silk blouse should be.... so that is on the agenda tonight.  The true color of the jacket you can see in these earrings.  I need some white lining for the silk blouse... it is sooo lightweight it needs a lining or chemise, but feels yummy.  I love the blue and white print....  I love playing in the silk bin, but my budget is really the 2.97 a yard. (Jacket and pants)  Just think if I had to buy clothes at the regular store....ewww.   I would have to go back to career working...  Nah.. not happening today.


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