Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tote Bags Reblog view some tips and instructions on

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 Dress luggage bag with jewelry pocket

Yardage and Instructions

Amount of fabric and lining the same-pocket depends on what you are using it for.

If you are using fabric from the flat folds, they are usually 54 inches wide in Home deck.  1/2 yard would make your bag around 18 x 27 if you just fold it.  Sew it up the sides and then fold the bottom end in a triangle so you have a square end on each side of the bottom of the bag...  Do the same thing to the lining as the outside of the bag...  3 yards of Strapping and pin it to the outside piece of the bag , starting at the bottom.   Come up and over to form a handle on oneside come back down and cross under the bag for support go up the other side of the bag to form the other handle and back down to meet where you started.  Top Stitch on both sides of the strapping through the right side of the bag.  Insert the lining into the bag so the right side of the lining is showing when you look in the bag.  Turn the top edge under 1/4 inch on both pieces of bag around the rim.  Top stitch through both layers and across the strapping.

If doing a pocket for jewelry or water bottle, turn the edges under on the pre-sewn pocket piece and put it in the corner of the bag before doing the topstitching.  Do it first then do the topstitching around the edge of the Tote.  DONE

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