Friday, July 7, 2017

Pants and stitches to use 20 minutes pants quick and easy

No, I am way too old to wear leggins... If I wanted people to see my fat and cellulite I would go naked... I love the fabric

So.. quick pants... no side seams 1 piece pattern... use a leggin pattern and make the legs bigger... wear a tunic top to top of leg and have the comfort of leggins without the unsightly skin tight look.

A typical leggin pattern

Remember, I don't do leggins I do Tubins'

Just widen the legs straight down from the notch, using 4 way stretch is the most comfortable- Scuba type fabric.

Stitches I use- I don't have a serger.  I am always in a hurry.  I cut out many pants and shirts at a time, so I can just sew one up before work.  It motivates me to go to work when I have a new outfit to wear everyday.  Pants in twenty minutes that take less than a yard and quarter ---- 3.00 for a pair of pants why not.   Less than a fancy cup of coffee and I can wear them more than once.

 I wash the fabric when I get home from the fabric store.

Right now I have 5 pairs laying across the chair to sew on my day off.  

 One pair for my mom on the sewing chair cut out to sew immediately when I get up and give to her.  Hers are the baggy pants pattern, and are made out of matte jersey.  Soft and comfortable baggy pants, with an elastic waist, in a jiffy.  


These pants in the above ankle length reach my moms ankles.  Elastic waist quick and easy.

Bag of elastic right next to the sewing machine.... I buy 10 yards at a time so I can always make a pair of pants when I want to.

Made these baggy pants for my mom and this is how I do them quick.

1. sew the front pieces together at the front seam, sew the back pieces together at the back seam.

2. sew down the side seams on both sides and

3. sew the inner leg seam

4. hem the pants in the usual manner turn up twice and top stitch about 3/8 inch in.

5. waistband..... sew your elastic in a circle like you want it on you.   Use the zipper stitch and make sure it is a flat circle all around to be comfortable.

6. Lay it on top of the wrong side of the pants top and fold over the amount you want.  I fold over about 2 inches and under 1/4 inch and topstitch it over the elastic and you leave an opening where it starts and end in the front so if you need to adjust the elastic you just pull it out of the opening and sew it tighter.  This also helps you tell the front from the back. 

Moms baggy matte jersey pants are done.

This morning I made Orange Tubins and wore them to work.

 These were made in less than 20 minutes.. and pressed hem and then worn to work...

I sew the legs first.

match notches and use your favorite finishing stitch...

This is mine

I don't have a serger, it looks like this on my machine screen

It finishes the edge of the seem but is a zigzag so it gives with the stretch of the fabric.

If your fabric is too light for this stitch I use a zipper type stitch for the lighter weight stretch fabrics finishing.

When I am doing a not stretchy fabric I use the small satin type zigzag next to it.... finish it by doing a straight stitch like on silks and then the zigzag right next to the edge... I do quarter inch seams so I don't have to cut fabrics off.  

The bottom of the legs hem is just turn up twice and top stitch...

Quick and easy.!

Press hem and seam if needed... DONE!

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